Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Courses Offered

Penn State LionPath honors course search

All honors courses at the University can be searched using the Class Search function in LionPath, which replaces the previous service at Once you're in LionPath under Self Service, choose the Class Search function. If you're not affiliated with Penn State, go to the public section of LionPath and under Favorites, choose Class Search.

In the Additional Search Criteria section, you will see dropdown menus for Course Attribute and Course Attribute Value. To find honors courses, set the Course Attribute to "Honors Course" and the Course Attribute Value to "Honors". You can add additional filtering as you wish, such as specific campuses or subject areas (prefixes).

While the Class Search/Search for Classes functionality does not allow for a multi-attribute search, Schedule Builder does. When you select "Add Course," and then select the "Search By Course Attribute" tab, you can enter multiple attributes in the fields such as Honors and GenEd: Humanities.

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