Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

University Park Honors Advisors

Below is a list of all honors advisors at the University Park campus. To see honors advisors by college, please click the "Filter by College" button and choose the appropriate college.

Primary departmental advisers are designated with a star ().

First Name Last Name Area of Honors Address E-mail
Timothy Bralower Primary Departmental Adviser Earth Science & Plcy (BS) 0535 Deike Bldg
Eliza Richardson Marone Primary Departmental Adviser Earth Sciences (BS) 0409 Deike Bldg
Seth Blumsack Primary Departmental Adviser Energy Bus & Finance (BS) 0115 Hosler Building
Andrew Kleit Energy Bus & Finance (BS) 0201 Hosler Building
Semih Eser Energy Engineering (BS) 114A Hosler Building
Jonathan Mathews Energy Engineering (BS) 0126 Hosler Building
Sarma Pisupati Primary Departmental Adviser Energy Engineering (BS) 126B Hosler Building
Thaddeus Ityokumbul Environmntl Sys Engr (BS)
Mark Klima Primary Departmental Adviser Environmntl Sys Engr (BS) 0153 Hosler Building
Mark Patzkowsky Geobiology (BS) 0539 Deike Bldg
Roger Downs Primary Departmental Adviser Geography (BA) 0302 Walker Bldg
Maureen Feineman Primary Departmental Adviser Geosciences (BA) 0308 Deike Bldg
Peter Heaney Geosciences (BA) 0540 Deike Bldg
Peter Wilf Geosciences (BA) 0537 Deike Bldg
Ralph Colby Mat Sci and Engr (BS) 0305 Steidle Bldg
Paul Howell Mat Sci and Engr (BS) 0431 Steidle Bldg
Allen Kimel Primary Departmental Adviser Mat Sci and Engr (BS) 0225B Steidle Bldg
Elizabeth Kupp Mat Sci and Engr (BS) 0212 Steidle Bldg
Evangelos Manias Mat Sci and Engr (BS) 0428 Steidle Bldg
Suzanne Mohney Mat Sci and Engr (BS) 209N Millennium Sci Complex
Paul Painter Mat Sci and Engr (BS) 0414 Academic Activities
Joan Redwing Mat Sci and Engr (BS) N-336 Millennium Sci Complex
William Brune Meteorology (BS) 0617 Walker Bldg
Jenni Evans Meteorology (BS) 214L Computer Bldg
Chris Forest Primary Departmental Adviser Meteorology (BS) 0507 Walker Bldg
Paul Markowski Meteorology (BS) 0520 Walker Bldg
Ray Najjar Meteorology (BS) 0522 Walker Bldg
Yvette Richardson Meteorology (BS) 0014 Deike Bldg
Hans Verlinde Meteorology (BS) 0605A Walker Bldg
Fuqing Zhang Meteorology (BS)
Jeffrey Kohler Primary Departmental Adviser Mining Engineering (BS) 0155 Hosler Building
Zuleima Karpyn Primary Departmental Adviser Petro & Nat Gas Engr (BS) 0151 Hosler Building

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