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World in View: Burnout and Mental Health Issues: Workplace Outcomes of a Global Healthcare Crisis

  • Wednesday, February 16, 2022
  • 10:00 AM- 11:15 AM
  • Zoom link will be provided

Burnout among employees particularly in healthcare has resulted in workforce shortages as well as mental illness among our present workforce. The outcomes have pushed leadership to increase their understanding of the importance of looking at employees holistically to decrease burnout. The related causes and consequences of burnout and mental illness of employees have been the topic of a lively debate in both public and academic discourses in recent years. The 75-minute session will consist of two presentations each followed by a moderated discussion. Please complete these readings before the discussion:

"Outcomes of a Global Healthcare Crisis" led by Dr. Diane Spokus (Penn State)

How can we identify ways to lead, manage, motivate, retain, and recruit during the pandemic? This session will give insight into the human resource management and healthcare system practices affected during the global pandemic in a contrasting culture, such as Sweden, with a strong focus on HRM. International experience in the study of how a country responds to a pandemic is a critical learning point for students entering the healthcare and management fields.

“Workplace Influences and Outcomes through a Comparative Lens between USA and Sweden” led by Dr. Jing Wu (Gothenburg University, Sweden)

How can we understand better the importance of mental health of employees in the workplaces within different cultural, social and economic contexts? What role does/can workplace play in alleviating burnout and improving well-being of employees? To what extent can the discourse in this respect be linked to HR education, research and practice? The joint session between The Pennsylvania State University and University of Gothenburg will open space to a high-level discussion of the aforementioned issues.

Please note: You will be asked to complete supplemental work (short reading or video) before the discussion. Registration for events in this series is required and, given the topics and speakers, we anticipate interest to be high. Event is limited to 25 students with preference to Schreyer Scholars; early registration is strongly encouraged. To enhance your online engagement experience, video presence is strongly encouraged and recommended. Scholar attendees will receive a complimentary electronic gift card.

Faculty Presenters

Diane Spokus is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Administration at Penn State and the Associate Director of HPA Undergraduate Professional Development. Her research has focused on workforce retention, working longer, and quality of work life. She has a special interest in older adults related to cognitive and physiological aging having worked on a cognition intervention study, a human factors and ergonomic study as well as a peer exercise program for older adults.

Dr. Jing Wu is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden and she is Program Director of International Master's Program in Strategic Human Resource Management and Labour Relations in her department. Her research lies on well-being of older adults in the context of welfare state from a comparative perspective. Her current research project is focused on tackling ageism in the era of digitalization and productivity and capability of older workers in the private sector.

Event Contact

Sarah Lyall-Combs
Schreyer Scholar Taylor Haddad

The ‘Schreyer experience’ goes beyond checking off boxes for honors requirements. It’s a transformative experience that allows students to explore a wide array of interests with the support of an incredible team of University leaders and mentors.

Taylor Haddad '19 Biobehavioral Health

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