DHFP: WARNING! Permafrost Thawing!

  • Wednesday, October 30, 2019
  • 5:15 PM- 7:15 PM
  • C-9 Conference Room, Atherton Hall

Permafrost thawing can have a major global impact on the natural environment and civil infrastructure. But what exactly is it doing to our environment? Come join Dr. Xiao to learn about the impact permafrost thawing has on our lives. Listen to Dr. Xiao share stories from his own experiences in Fairbanks, Alaska. Bring your own thoughts and opinions and enjoy an interesting discussion.

Schreyer Scholar Brenden Sosnader

I have two older brothers who graduated from the Honors College, and I was able to see them go through their college experience and all the opportunities they had. I visited them a few times in Atherton Hall, which made me fall in love with the College. I saw this as a place where I can find great opportunities and do some really great things.

Brenden Sosnader '19 Computer Science, Statistics

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