Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board is comprised of Penn State alumni, friends of the college, parents of Scholars, and others committed to the college realizing its mission.

The board convenes twice a year at meetings held on the University Park campus.

Board members demonstrate leadership and commitment to the college through their advice counsel, mentoring students, sponsoring internships and research projects, and personal philanthropy.

Committee Chairs

Robert Poole headshot

Robert Poole '72 Bus President and CEO, S&A Homes, Inc. CEO, Poole Anderson Construction Chairman, External Advisory Board

Robert Edwards headshot

Robert Edwards '75 Bus; '83 MBA Retired Executive Vice President, PNC Bank Vice-Chairman, External Advisory Board

Ryan Newman headshot

Ryan Newman '01 Bus Vice President, Goldman, Sachs & Co. Campaign Chair

Board Members

Dawn Behkne headshot

Dawn Behnke '87 Bus Executive Vice President, Pacific Life

Mark Bogar headshot

Mark Bogar '91 Bus Global Portfolio Manager, The Boston Company Asset Management

William Bogdan headshot

William Bogdan '83 Lib Attorney at Law, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Sarah Bouchard headshot

Sarah Bouchard '92 Lib Partner, Morgan Lewis

John Croteau headshot

John Croteau '83 Eng President and CEO, MACOM Technology Solutions, Inc.

Louis D'Ambrosio headshot

Louis D'Ambrosio '86 Bus Chairman of the Board, Sensus

William Donato, Jr. headshot

William Donato Jr. '94 Bus President and Chief Operating Officer, Safegard Group, Inc.

Andrew ElBardissi headshot

Andrew ElBardissi '03 Sci Principal, Deerfield Management

Charles Frazier headshot

Charles Frazier '12 Bus; '12g Bus Treasurer, BDR Properties

Linda Gall headshot

Linda Gall

Arthur Glenn headshot

Arthur Glenn '56 Eng Retired Vice President, General Electric Company

Jayme Goldberg headshot

Jayme Goldberg '92 Bus CEO, SilverLine Athletics

Lisa Hart headshot

Lisa Hart '97 Eng Vice President, M&T Bank

Reginald Hedgebeth headshot

Reginald Hedgebeth '89 Lib Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Marathon Oil Company

Edward Hintz headshot

Edward Hintz '59 Bus President, Hintz Captial Management

Thomas Lindquist headshot

Thomas Lindquist '86 Sci Senior Vice President/General Manager for Government Programs, Medica

Todd Lippincott headshot

Todd Lippincott '94 Lib Vice President, Global Rewards, Mars

Melissa Marshall headshot

Melissa Marshall '00 EMS Chief Compliance Officer, Westinghouse Electric Company

Edward Marx headshot

Edward Marx '98 Eng Director of Strategic and Operations Analytics, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Medical Center

Charlotte McLaughlin headshot

Charlotte McLaughlin '75 Bus President and CEO, PNC Capital Markets

Mark Prybutok headshot

Mark Prybutok '97 Lib Managing Director, GI Partners

Rick Riegel headshot

Rick Riegel '85 Eng Principal, LMC Advisory

Tracey Riegel headshot

Tracy Riegel '85 HHD

Charles Sanders headshot

Charles Sanders Chairman, Icagen, Inc.

Brian Schmanske headshot

Brian Schmanske '86 Eng Program Manager, U.S. Government

DrueAnne Schreyer headshot

DrueAnne Schreyer President, BDR Properties, Inc.

Joan Schreyer headshot

Joan Schreyer

Andrew Sieg headshot

Andrew Sieg '89 Bus Head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch

Philip Sieg headshot

Philip Sieg '57 Bus Chairman, Sieg Financial Group

No headshot available

Kristin Smith '91 Bus Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Stephen Snyder headshot

Stephen Snyder '78 Eng Haven Partners, LLC

Brian Stern headshot

Brian Stern '90 Bus General Counsel, Cetera Financial Group

Kathryn Sutton headshot

Kathryn Sutton '85 Lib Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

Joseph Versaggi headshot

Joseph Versaggi '83 Bus Senior Vice President - Real Estate, Washington Capital Management

David Wagner headshot

David Wagner '86 Bus President and CEO, ZixCorp

No headshot available

Edward Weber '92 Bus Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, MLB Advanced Media, LP

Richard Whitney headshot

Richard Whitney '89 Bus Chairman and CEO, Radiology Partners, Inc.

James Wiggins headshot

James Wiggins '72 Com Retired, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley & Co.

Brenna Wist headshot

Brenna Wist '77 HHD Retired Partner, KPMG

Jack Yoskowitz headshot

Jack Yoskowitz '89 Lib Litigation Partner, Seward & Kissel LLP

Lauren Young headshot

Lauren Young '89 Lib Money Editor, Thomson Reuters

Nicolas Zavaleta headshot

Nicolas Zavaleta '15 Bus Analyst, Hintz Capital Management

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