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Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Plan

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Throughout the spring of 2014, the Schreyer Honors College administrative staff and leadership team conducted an organizational review of the college. The review was designed to assess the state of the college at that time and to outline goals and objectives for the five-year period from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2019. Our latest strategic plan, linked below, is the result of that planning initiative.

Core Council

In March 2010, a 13-member council of faculty, staff, and administrators from across Penn State was charged to evaluate each college and support unit at the University. Through analysis of programs and services, the committee, formally known as the Academic Program and Administrative Services Review Core Council, was to identify $10 million in permanent cost savings. The charge was to maintain quality within the programs offered by the colleges and support units while increasing efficiency and making the university a more effective institution.


The University Park Academic Review Coordinating Committee (UPARCC) was the group responsible for evaluating the academic colleges. UPARCC reviewed the Schreyer Honors College during the first quarter of 2011 and issued its report in May 2011.

Core Council Recommendations


The Schreyer Honors College submitted a response to the recommendations outlined in the University Park Academic Review Coordinating Committee's May 2011 report. The college's response outlines actions being undertaken to address UPARCC's recommendations and findings.

Schreyer Honors College Response

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