Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Students working on assignements

The academic experience at the Schreyer Honors College is enriched by the finest faculty from every department and college at Penn State. Because of the strong commitment to honors education at Penn State, Schreyer Scholars can thrive and prosper in the rich academic tradition that lives throughout the University.

The academic life of a Schreyer Scholar includes academic excellence with integrity alongside:

  • Challenging academic courses
  • Small honors classes taught by exceptional honors faculty
  • Research opportunities with leading academic scholars
  • Production of an original scholarly contribution in the form of the honors thesis
  • Broadening horizons beyond the borders of the United States
  • Teamwork and collaboration with peers

Academic opportunities for Schreyer Scholars are limited only by creativity and imagination. From the humanities to science, technologies, engineering and math, your passions and talents are encouraged as you come and explore the academic wonders at Penn State.

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