Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

University College Freiburg Semester Exchange

  • Time

    Spring semester program on German calendar, March-July

  • Location

    Freiburg, Germany

  • Eligibility

    Sophomores in any major, may work for juniors in Liberal Arts. Students not in the Schreyer Honors College can be considered if space permits.

  • Credits

    Sophomores receive a special waiver of six honors credits (as opposed to the usual three) for this program

  • Application Deadline

    April 1 (full details below)

Program Summary

The University of Freiburg (Germany) is one of Penn State’s key partner universities and as part of that collaboration the SHC and University College Freiburg offer a special exchange opportunity. UCF is Freiburg’s new English-language, interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences program, drawing students from across the European Union and beyond. This is a German spring semester program (March-July) beginning with an intensive German language program to help you navigate life outside of UCF.

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The UCF exchange is intended for sophomores in any major, but it may work for some Liberal Arts juniors. UCF’s interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences courses typically don’t align with standard courses at Penn State, so for most students these would be general education credits (via substitution in consultation with your honors adviser), mostly in the GS category but possibly in GH, GA, GN and GQ. This program is ideal for students who can finish their entrance to major requirements in three semesters rather than the usual four (in Business or Engineering) or who can otherwise make a typical four semesters’ worth of progress towards their major in only three semesters (in Science, for instance), or whose majors are not rigidly sequenced. This program is limited to four to five students per year.

If you have at least fourth semester German proficiency and you want to attend the “regular” University of Freiburg through Penn State, Penn State Education Abroad has a spring semester program.

Estimated Costs (Subject to Change)

This program follows the budget sheet produced by Education Abroad for the regular Freiburg semester. The SHC will pay the additional tuition for intensive language instruction for Schreyer Scholars. The usual SHC travel grant for a semester in Germany will apply.

Application Deadline & Process

Applications are due on May 15 for the following year. Decisions will be released by late June, and accepted students will have until late October to confirm their participation with the Education Abroad office. Applications may be taken through September 15 if space permits.

There will be an informational meeting, including a Skype session with students at UCF, in late February.

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