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"Shaping people who shape the world" isn't just a catchy phrase the Schreyer Honors College uses as a tagline. It's part of the college's DNA. When your founder was one of the most powerful men in the latter part of the 20th century, a man who understood the influence one person can have upon a community, a corporation, even a country, it is obvious that you have a responsibility to fully prepare your students to be ready to lead.

For incoming freshmen Schreyer Scholars, preparation for those future responsibilities can begin right from the start of their time at Penn State. The Honors College offers a first-year course in leadership: Leadership JumpStart in the fall.

Leadership JumpStart

Scholars participating in team building

Leadership JumpStart is a three-credit freshman honors seminar that offers incoming Scholars the opportunity to develop leadership skills and put leadership principles into action. Students will have the opportunity to participate in open dialogue with University and community leaders. Working together on various projects, students will learn to set ambitious goals and to collectively perform well beyond the limits of individual accomplishment.

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