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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About the Application

When can I apply for a grant?

The application is available all year via the Student Records System.

Are grants available in the fall and spring?

Yes, under certain circumstances. You may contact the SHC Grants Coordinator to discuss.

Can I apply for both a research grant and a travel grant?

Yes. If you are going abroad, you will automatically be considered for both grants. You only need to submit one application.

Can I still apply if I don't know my exact plans before the application is due?

Yes, you should apply if you are in the process of applying for internship or research positions. Complete the application as best you can prior to the deadline. Once you secure an internship, be sure to update the grant application. Your application is not complete until you have secured an internship/research site and complete the entire application.

Can I still apply for the grant if I am being paid for my grant experience?

Priority will be given to students who are in unpaid internships and research opportunities. Unfortunately, many students' expenses are not covered by their internship or research pay, thus consideration will be given to students who are being paid if funds allow.

Can I still apply for grants after the deadline has passed?

Yes. Late grant applications will be considered on a funds-available basis.

Can I apply for a grant for the summer after I graduate?

No. Funding will be considered for students in good standing. Graduates are not eligible for funding, however, some students have postponed graduation in order to participate in an internship or research opportunity with funding support from SHC.

Is there any follow-up required after the experience?
  • Internship: Recipients are required to submit a brief summary of their experience and a photo from their work site.
  • Research: Recipients are required to submit a brief summary of their experience and a photo from their research site. Aditionally, grant recipients for research are expected to present their research at an exhibition or conference.
  • Study Abroad: Recipients are required to submit a brief summary of their experience and a photo from the study abroad location (ideally a Flat Lion photo).
  • Service: No additional requirements

Grant Funds

When and how will I find out if I've received a grant?

Approved grant award amounts will be displayed on the Grants Status page in the SHC Student Records System. Be sure to check your status frequently. You will also receive an e-mail notification when you grant application has been processed. For summer internship and research funding, most grant awards will be made by early April.

How do you determine how much funding will be offered?

In order to maximize the funding available, the main considerations taken into account are whether the experience is unpaid and where it is located. For example, students in D.C. or New York City on an unpaid internship will receive more funding than a student conducting research at Penn State.

What is the maximum amount awarded?

For study abroad programs, please see the following chart for funding levels.

The range of funding for internship and research grants is typically $200-$1500 depending on location and expenses.

How do I receive the money once I'm awarded a grant?

The funds will be transferred to your student bursar account. If you have any outstanding bills with Penn State, the Bursar will use the funds to pay that balance. If you don't have a balance with the Bursar, you may request a refund through the Office of the Bursar's Rapid Refund program on eLion.

For what expenses can I use the grant money?

Grants are meant to be used for the expenses list in your budget such as housing, food and transportation.

What should I do if my plans change?

Please contact the SHC immediately to update your information.

Do I need to provide receipts for my expenses?

No. No receipts are required.

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