Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Academic Advising

The connection between you as a Schreyer Scholar and your honors adviser is an essential part of your academic and professional success. The adviser doesn't just help you choose the right courses; he or she should be your principal resource for discussing whether a major is right for you, which enrichment and professional development opportunities should be pursued in addition to your coursework, and what you should do to prepare for your thesis.

All Schreyer Scholars should have an assigned honors adviser. Depending on your academic college (or DUS) and your level of commitment to a major, you may have a faculty member in your intended major or a professional (full-time) academic adviser. In either case, they will be familiar with SHC policies and the specific advising needs of Schreyer Scholars.

If you don't have an honors adviser assigned (according to the indicator in the SHC Student Records System), or if you have questions or concerns about your honors advising, please contact the SHC Coordinator of Academic Advising, Dr. Richard Stoller, at

University Park Honors Advisers

Non-University Park Campuses

The structure of honors advising outside of University Park varies by campus. At some campus locations, the designated honors coordinator does all honors advising, while at others the coordinator oversees the work of honors advisers across the curriculum. In both cases, if you are planning to change campus locations after sophomore year, you should reach out to the honors adviser at your future campus and major any time you have questions, either directly or via the SHC's academic affairs office.

Campus Honors Advisers & Coordinators

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