Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

University Park Honors Advisors

Below is a list of all honors advisors at the University Park campus. To see honors advisors by college, please click the "Filter by College" button and choose the appropriate college.

Primary departmental advisers are designated with a star ().

First Name Last Name Area of Honors Address E-mail
David Abler Primary Departmental Adviser Agribusiness Mgmt (BS) 207B Armsby Building
Stan Ernst Agribusiness Mgmt (BS) 0210 Armsby Building
John Ewing Agricult & Exten Ed (BS) 0215 Ferguson Building
Mark Brennan Agricult Exten & Ed (BS) 0204C Ferguson Building
Kevin Curry Agricult Exten & Ed (BS) 0211 Ferguson Building
Daniel Foster Primary Departmental Adviser Agricult Exten & Ed (BS) 212 Ferguson Building
Nicole Webster Agricult Exten & Ed (BS) 0109 Ferguson Building
Mark Brennan Agricultural Science (BS) 0204C Ferguson Building
John Ewing Primary Departmental Adviser Agricultural Science (BS) 0215 Ferguson Building
Daniel Foster Agricultural Science (BS) 212 Ferguson Building
Chad DeChow Animal Sciences (BS) 0333 Henning Building
Troy Ott Primary Departmental Adviser Animal Sciences (BS) 0321 Ag Sci & Ind Bldg
William Staniar Animal Sciences (BS) 0316 Ag Sci & Ind Bldg
Jude Liu Primary Departmental Adviser Biorenewable Systems (BS) 218 Ag Engr Bldg
Judd Michael Biorenewable Systems (BS) 203 Ag Engineering Bldg
Theodore Alter Primary Departmental Adviser Comm, Envir & Devlop (BS) 0204 Armsby Building
Gary Felton Entomology (BS) 0501 Ag Sci & Ind Bldg
Patrick Drohan Envirn Resource Mgmt (BS) 0452 Ag Sci & Ind Bldg
Robert Shannon Primary Departmental Adviser Envirn Resource Mgmt (BS) 245 Ag Eng Bldg
John Coupland Food Science (BS) 0337 Erickson Food Science
Federico Harte Primary Departmental Adviser Food Science (BS) 0331 Erickson Food Science
John Hayes Food Science (BS) 0220 Erickson Food Science
Jasna Kovac Food Science (BS) 0437 Erickson Food Science
Christopher Sigler Food Science (BS) 217 Food Science Building
John Carlson Forest Ecosystm Mgmt (BS) 0323 Forest Resources Bl
Pamela Hankey Primary Departmental Adviser Imnlgy & Infctus Dis (BS) 0105 Henning Building
Dan Stearns Landscape Contractng (BS)
Robert Berghage Plant Sciences (BS) 318C Tyson Building
Surinder Chopra Plant Sciences (BS) 0252 Ag Sci & Ind Bldg
Dennis Decoteau Primary Departmental Adviser Plant Sciences (BS) 0018 Tyson Building
Heather Karsten Plant Sciences (BS) 0251 Ag Sci & Ind Bldg
Curt Omiecinski Toxicology (BS) 306D Life Sciences Bldg
Gary Perdew Primary Departmental Adviser Toxicology (BS) 309A Life Sciences Bldg
Sandeep Prabhu Toxicology (BS) 0122 Ag Sci & Ind Bldg
Peter Landschoot Turfgrass Science (BS) 413 Ag Sci & Ind Bldg
Lester Griel Primary Departmental Adviser Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS) 111A Henning Building
Robert Van Saun Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS) 113 Central Milk Testing Lab
Margaret Brittingham-Brant Primary Departmental Adviser Wildlife/Fish Scn (BS) 0409 Forest Resources Bl
C. Paola Ferreri Wildlife/Fish Scn (BS) 0408 Forest Resources Bl

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