Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

University Park Honors Advisors

Below is a list of all honors advisors at the University Park campus. To see honors advisors by college, please click the "Filter by College" button and choose the appropriate college.

Primary departmental advisers are designated with a star ().

First Name Last Name Area of Honors Address E-mail
Frank Dardis Advt/Publ Relations (BA) 0107 CARNEGIE BLDG
Ann Marie Major Advt/Publ Relations (BA) 0211 CARNEGIE BLDG
Steve Manuel Advt/Publ Relations (BA) 0115 CARNEGIE BLDG
Fuyuan Shen Advt/Publ Relations (BA) 0224 CARNEGIE BLDG
Susan Strohm Primary Departmental Adviser Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Shyam Sundar Advt/Publ Relations (BA) 0122 CARNEGIE BLDG
Stephanie Hopkins Communications (pre-major)
Robin Bierly Communications pre-major 0204 CARNEGIE BLDG
Kyrie Harding Communications pre-major 0204 CARNEGIE BLDG
Rod Bingaman Primary Departmental Adviser Film-Video (BA) 0115 CARNEGIE BLDG
Kevin Hagopian Film-Video (BA) 0115 CARNEGIE BLDG
Maura Shea Film-Video (BA) 0115 CARNEGIE BLDG
Richie Sherman Film-Video (BA) 0115 CARNEGIE BLDG
Tony Barbieri Journalism (BA) 0215 CARNEGIE BLDG
Russell Frank Journalism (BA) 0115 CARNEGIE BLDG
Steve Manuel Journalism (BA) 0115 CARNEGIE BLDG
Ford Risley Journalism (BA) 0201C CARNEGIE BLDG
John Sanchez Journalism (BA) 0123 CARNEGIE BLDG
Bu Zhong Journalism (BA) 0023 CARNEGIE BLDG
Jo Dumas Media Studies (BA) 0202 CARNEGIE BLDG
Kevin Hagopian Media Studies (BA) 0115 CARNEGIE BLDG
Susan Strohm Primary Departmental Adviser Media Studies (BA)
Shyam Sundar Media Studies (BA) 0122 CARNEGIE BLDG
Matt Jackson Telecommunications (BA) 0105 CARNEGIE BLDG
Krishna Jayakar Primary Departmental Adviser Telecommunications (BA) 0007 CARNEGIE BLDG

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