Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

University Park Honors Advisors

Below is a list of all honors advisors at the University Park campus. To see honors advisors by college, please click the "Filter by College" button and choose the appropriate college.

Primary departmental advisers are designated with a star ().

First Name Last Name Area of Honors Address E-mail
Bernard Badiali Child & Erly Adol Ed (BS) 0179 Chambers Bldg
Amy Crosson Child & Erly Adol Ed (BS) 0144 Chambers Bldg
Carla Zembal-Saul Primary Departmental Adviser Child & Erly Adol Ed (BS) 0141B Chambers Bldg
Soo-Young Byun Educ & Public Policy (BS) 0302F Rackley Bldg
Erica Frankenberg Educ & Public Policy (BS) 207C Rackley Bldg
David Gamson Primary Departmental Adviser Educ & Public Policy (BS) 0300 Rackley Bldg
Mindy Kornhaber Educ & Public Policy (BS) 0305 Rackley Bldg
Dana Mitra Educ & Public Policy (BS) 0300 Rackley Bldg
Roger Shouse Educ & Public Policy (BS) 0200 Rackley Bldg
Stephanie Hopkins Education (pre-major) 228 Chambers Building
Rayne Sperling Educational Psychology 0202 Cedar Bldg
Frances Arbaugh Middle Level Education (BS) 0269 Chambers Bldg
Kathleen Collins Middle Level Education (BS) 0253 Chambers Bldg
Jeff Hayes Rehab & Human Srvces (BS) 0307 Cedar Bldg
Deirdre O'Sullivan Primary Departmental Adviser Rehab & Human Srvces (BS) 0312 Cedar Bldg
Frances Arbaugh Secondary Education (BS) 0269 Chambers Bldg
Kathleen Heid Secondary Education (BS) 0267 Chambers Bldg
Scott McDonald Secondary Education (BS) 0146 Chambers Bldg
Scott Metzger Secondary Education (BS) 0160 Chambers Bldg
Anne Whitney Secondary Education (BS) 0166 Chambers Bldg
Rose Mary Zbiek Primary Departmental Adviser Secondary Education (BS) 0270 Chambers Bldg
Paul Riccomini Special Education (BS) 0214 Cedar Bldg
Mark Threeton Workforce Ed & Devel (BS) 0411E Keller Building
Matthew Poehner World Languages Ed (BS) 0159 Chambers Bldg

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