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Pre-Med Programs

Schreyer Scholars are fortunate to have access to several exclusive pre-med programs.

Scholars Medal in the pocket of a white medical coat

Medical school is a big decision. The Early Assurance Program is about making an early decision if this situation is right for you. The Early Assurance Program will select up to five Schreyer Scholars, offering them an early assurance of admission into the College of Medicine prior to the start of their junior year. The early assurance decision secures selected Scholars a spot in the medical school’s incoming class in the fall after the Scholar’s spring graduation. Admission is contingent upon the Scholar having successfully completed all requirements for graduation with honors outlined by the Schreyer Honors College and Penn State. Application deadline is March 1.



Academic requirements include:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.60 or above
  • Completed 8/10 course requirements:
    • Biology (at least 2 semesters + 1 lab)
    • Inorganic Chemistry (2 semesters + 2 labs)
    • Organic Chemistry (2 semesters)
    • Physics (2 semesters)
    • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1 semester)
    • Statistics (1 semester)

The application review also includes an evaluation of:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Community service
  • Medical experience exposure (clinical observation, shadowing, internships, etc.)
  • Letter of recommendation

Applications will be reviewed by the Schreyer Honors College Selection Committee. Finalists will be submitted to the College of Medicine’s Admissions Committee. Upon further review by the College of Medicine, selected finalists will be interviewed and decisions offering early assurance admission will be made by early August, prior to the start of the Scholar’s junior year.

For more information about the Schreyer Honors College/College of Medicine Early Assurance Program, contact the Academic Team in the Schreyer Honors College.

Are you interested in a career as a physician and an investigator, a career that involves both biomedical research and clinical care? As a physician-scientist, you can blend clinical medicine with the discovery and application of new knowledge through the MD/PhD Program. This program offers you the opportunity to obtain the necessary training in clinical and basic sciences in a seven- to eight-year period. The joint program provides you with the knowledge of clinical science plus the ability to design experiments and conduct biomedical research with modern technology.

Physician-scientists spend more of their professional career doing research that ties into human biology and human disease and work at academic medical centers, research institutes and industry as well as seeing patients.

If you are interested in the physician-scientist field and are fascinated by biology and disease, are passionate about understanding human biology, enjoy helping people, and are willing to make personal sacrifices, then this program may be for you. To learn more about a career as an MD/PhD, please review the AAMC presentation, "MD-PhD: Is it Right for Me?".

The Early Exposure Program is seeking freshmen and sophomores with a strong academic record and a passion for clinical/research career.

In the Early Exposure Program, students receive a stipend for spending two summers doing research at the Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Once a week, clinical exposure will be provided through shadowing opportunities. The benefit for students in the program is early admission to the MD/PhD Program during their junior year.

The MD/PHD Program is seeking applicants of integrity and maturity who show concern for others, leadership potential, an aptitude for working with others and who have demonstrated a passion for research.

Submit Application by March 1

This program is only open to students in the Penn State Schreyer Honors College. Applications to this program are due March 22.

The Penn State Hershey MD/PhD Program offers a 10-week summer exposure program for outstanding students in the Schreyer Honors College who are interested in becoming a physician-scientist. Students will spend 10 weeks working in a biomedical research laboratory at the College of Medicine under the guidance of a faculty member on the MD/PhD training faculty. They will also shadow a physician during a once weekly clinical exposure session. Students will participate in all SURIP (Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Program) activities, including a research forum at the end of the summer. Housing will be available on campus in Hershey for the summer and students will receive a stipend. Up to four students will be selected. Positions are only available for rising freshmen and sophomores. Excellent students may be offered the opportunity to return for a second summer, between the sophomore and junior years.

This summer program is linked to the Schreyer Honors College MD/PhD Early Assurance Status (EAS) Program. Information about the EAS Program can be found in our brochure, which is available in the SHC office (C-10 Atherton Hall), or online on the Penn State Hershey MD/PhD website.

Submit Application by March 22


For more information, please contact:

Alison Smolinski, '07, '16g
Program Coordinator, MD/PhD
Penn State University, College of Medicine

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