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Thesis Submission Guide

This guide is prepared to assist you in fulfilling the final requirement to graduate with honors — the submission of your thesis document. The requirements in this publication apply to all Schreyer Honors College theses.

Open Access

The electronic thesis is available to anyone who wishes to access it on the Web unless you request restricted access. Open access distribution makes the work more widely available than a bound copy on a library shelf.

Restricted Access

If there is a reason your thesis should not be released to the public, you must contact the Schreyer Honors College at least two weeks prior to final submission of your thesis and request restricted access. If restricted access is granted for your thesis (usually for patent or proprietary purposes), access to the body of the thesis will be denied to everyone for a period of two years. The thesis will be released automatically for access worldwide at the end of the two-year period.

Electronic submission of the final Honors Thesis became a requirement beginning spring semester 2010. Both the mandatory draft submission and the final copy must be submitted online.

The "official" copy of the Honors Thesis is the electronic file (eHT), and this is the copy that will be on file with the University Libraries. Electronic submission does not prevent the author from producing hard copies for the department or for personal use. All copies are the responsibility of the author and should be made prior to submission. The Schreyer Honors College does not provide copies.

How to Submit

In order to submit your thesis, you must upload a draft in PDF format to the Electronic Honors Thesis (eHT) website.

What/When to Upload
  • The initial submission, the Thesis Format Review, should be the textual thesis only and should be in a single PDF file (it may include image files such as TIFFs or JPEGs)
  • The recommended file naming convention is: Last_First_Title.pdf (Ex. Rodgers_Debra_AdolPsych.pdf)
  • Failure to submit the Format Review by the deadline will result in removal from the honors graduation checklist. If this occurs, you must either:
    • Defer graduation if you plan to graduate with honors, or
    • Withdraw from the Honors College
    If you do not withdraw, you will be dismissed from the Honors College for failing to meet all the requirements.
Uploading Video, Audio or Large Images

If your thesis content is such that you feel you need to upload content other than text to properly represent your work, upload the textual portion of your thesis first as a single, standalone PDF file. Then, add additional files for any other content as separate uploads.

If the majority of your thesis work is a multimedia presentation (video, slideshow, audio recording, etc.) you are required to upload these files in addition to your PDF.

Acceptable formats include:

Apple Quicktime (.mov), MPEG (.mpg), Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved (.avi)
MIDI w/timing information (.midi), MPEG (.mpg), WAV (.wav)
PDF or PDF/A (.pdf), JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif)

Please do not upload any ZIP files. If uploading more than one file, keep individual file sizes for the supplementary material under 50 MB where possible. Large files will upload, but it may take a long time to download for future use.

Other Notes
  • Continue to revise your draft as required by your thesis supervisor and readers before receiving your electronic approvals.
  • All signatures are collected electronically via the eHT system.
  • Review your thesis one final time to be sure that no further changes are needed. It will not be possible to make changes or corrections to your thesis after final approval by the Honors College.

Final Submission

In order to submit your final thesis:

  • Refer to sample thesis templates to create your title page and signatory page (no page number on either)
  • Pay your $20.00 processing fee electronically via PSUCheckout
  • Make sure you have correctly spelled "Schreyer Honors College"
  • Be sure to include the department in which you are earning honors, your semester and year of graduation (Ex. Spring 2016, not May 2016), your thesis title and your name
  • List the name and professional title of your thesis supervisor and honors adviser (in the department granting honors). If your honors adviser and thesis supervisor are the same person, a second faculty reader signature from the department granting honors is required.
  • Include your academic vita at the end of your thesis without a page number and do not include your GPA
  • Include your abstract following your title page (Roman number i)
  • Make sure your thesis is saved in PDF format
  • Have your thesis faculty submit their electronic signatures on eHT.
  • Go to the eHT website and upload your final thesis

After your electronic final submission, approvals are needed by faculty; then your thesis will be reviewed one final time by the Honors College. If corrections are required, your file will be deleted and you will be asked to make the changes and upload a new file immediately. Please bring a Word document version of your thesis with you on a thumb drive in order to easily make any requested changes.

Final Approval

When the final thesis is approved, the author and all signers will be notified by e-mail of the approval. Your thesis will then be accessible on the eHT website within a week after graduation unless you have specified restricted access.

Every Schreyer Honors thesis must be reviewed and approved by the Schreyer Honors College. There are no exceptions. Failure to meet the specified deadlines will result in graduation from Penn State without honors.

More Information

Additional information can be found in the SHC Student Handbook, the Thesis Formatting Guide, and the Thesis Project Guide.


Scholars who have questions about the honors thesis submission process can contact:

SHC Coordinator of Academic Services
(814) 867-2505
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