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A Dedicated Resource Honors Advising

The connection between you as a Schreyer Scholar and your honors adviser is an essential part of your academic and professional success. Advisers do more than guide you in choosing the right courses; they are your principal resource for discussing whether a major is right for you, recommending which enrichment and professional development opportunities to pursue, and helping you prepare for your thesis.

Handbook SRS
A Schreyer Scholar meeting with her honors adviser

Professional Guidance Adviser Assignment

All Schreyer Scholars have an assigned honors adviser. Depending on your academic college (or DUS) and your level of commitment to a major, you may have a faculty member in your intended major as an adviser or a professional (full-time) academic adviser. In either case, they will be familiar with Honors College policies and the specific advising needs of Schreyer Scholars.

If you don't have an honors adviser assigned (according to the indicator in the Schreyer Honors College Student Records System), or if you have questions or concerns about your honors advising, please contact the Schreyer Honors College Coordinator of Academic Advising.

Find Your Adviser Honors Adviser Listing

University Park Honors Advisers

First Name Last Name Primary Adviser Department E-mail
Samuel Bonsall Yes Accounting (BS)
Amanda Hammell Yes Actuarial Science (BS)
Lee Ahern Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Denise Bortree Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Colleen Connolly-Ahearn Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Frank Dardis Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Stephanie Madden Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Ann Marie Major Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Steve Manuel Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Holly Overton Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Fuyuan Shen Yes Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Heather Shoenberger Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Cynthia Simmons Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Shyam Sundar Advt/Publ Relations (BA)
Kenneth Brentner Aerospace Engr (BS)
Cengiz Camci Aerospace Engr (BS)
George Lesieutre Aerospace Engr (BS)
Mark Maughmer Aerospace Engr (BS)
Dennis McLaughlin Aerospace Engr (BS)
Robert Melton Yes Aerospace Engr (BS)
P. J. Morris Aerospace Engr (BS)
Xin Ning Aerospace Engr (BS)
David Spencer Aerospace Engr (BS)
Namiko Yamamoto Aerospace Engr (BS)
Alex Lubin Yes African Amer Studies (BA)
Edwin Sabuhoro Yes African Studies (BA)
David Abler Yes Agribusiness Mgmt (BS)
Stan Ernst Agribusiness Mgmt (BS)
Mark Brennan Agricult Exten & Ed (BS)
Kevin Curry Agricult Exten & Ed (BS)
John Ewing Agricult Exten & Ed (BS)
Nicole Webster Agricult Exten & Ed (BS)
Mark Brennan Agricultural Science (BS)
John Ewing Yes Agricultural Science (BS)
Daniel Foster Agricultural Science (BS)
Alyssa Bumbaugh Agricultural Sciences (pre-major)
Chad DeChow Animal Sciences (BS)
Troy Ott Yes Animal Sciences (BS)
William Staniar Animal Sciences (BS)
Douglas Bird Yes Anthropology (BA)
Sharon Childs Applied LInguistics
Celeste Kinginger Yes Applied Linguistics
Douglas Bird Yes Archaeological Scien (BS)
LInda Hanagan Architectural Engr (BAE)
Richard Mistrick Yes Architectural Engr (BAE)
Christine Gorby Yes Architecture (BARCH)
Brian Alfred Art (BA)
Steven Rubin Art (BA)
Bonnie Collura Art (BFA)
Aaron Knochel Yes Art (BFA)
Eduardo Navas Art (BFA)
Angela Rothrock Art (BFA)
Steven Rubin Art (BFA)
Amara Solari Yes Art (BFA)
Chris Staley Art (BFA)
Karen Keifer-Boyd Yes Art Education (BS)
Aaron Knochel Art Education (BS)
Sarah Rich Yes Art History (BA)
Robin Thomas Art History (BA)
Elizabeth Walters Art History (BA)
Angela Rothrock Arts and Architecture (PMAJ)
Kyrie Harding Arts and Architecture (pre-major)
Jessica Birkenholtz Yes Asian Studies (BA)
William Brandt Yes Astro & Astrophysics (BS)
Jane Charlton Astro & Astrophysics (BS)
Christopher Palma Astro & Astrophysics (BS)
Steinn Sigurdsson Astro & Astrophysics (BS)
Alex Wolszczan Astro & Astrophysics (BS)
James Kasting Yes Astrobiology (UMNR)
Jonas Rubenson Yes Athletic Training (BS)
Marie Cross Biobehavioral Health (BS)
Helen Kamens-Horton Yes Biobehavioral Health (BS)
Kari Kugler Biobehavioral Health (BS)
David Gilmour Yes Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Santosh Girirajan Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Ying Gu Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Wendy Hanna-Rose Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Teh-hui Kao Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Jennifer Keefer Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Timothy Meredith Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Joseph Reese Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Lorraine Santy Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Song Tan Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)
Jonathan Marks Yes Bioethics and Medical Humanities (UMNR)
Michelle Mekel Bioethics and Medical Humanities (UMNR)
Douglas Bird Yes Biological Anthrplgy (BS)
Ali Demirci Yes Biological Engr (BS)
Charles Anderson Biology (BS)
Sarah Assman Biology (BS)
Michael Axtell Biology (BS)
Daniel Cosgrove Biology (BS)
Benoit Dayrat Biology (BS)
Timothy Jegla Biology (BS)
Bernhard Luscher Biology (BS)
Yingwei Mao Biology (BS)
James Marden Biology (BS)
Richard Ordway Biology (BS)
Stephen Schaeffer Yes Biology (BS)
Justin Brown Yes Biomedical Engineering (BS)
William Hancock Biomedical Engineering (BS)
Meghan Vidt Biomedical Engineering (BS)
Jian Yang Biomedical Engineering (BS)
Nanyin Zhang Biomedical Engineering (BS)
Stephen Chmely Biorenewable Systems (BS)
Jude Liu Yes Biorenewable Systems (BS)
Judd Michael Biorenewable Systems (BS)
Sarah Ades Biotechnology (BS)
Craig Cameron Biotechnology (BS)
David Gilmour Yes Biotechnology (BS)
Melissa Paloskey Business (PMAJ)
Janet Spearly Business (PMAJ)
Ali Borhan Yes Chemical Engineering (BS)
Wayne Curtis Chemical Engineering (BS)
Enrique Gomez Chemical Engineering (BS)
Esther Gomez Chemical Engineering (BS)
Michael Janik Chemical Engineering (BS)
Themis Matsoukas Chemical Engineering (BS)
Scott Milner Chemical Engineering (BS)
Darrell Velegol Chemical Engineering (BS)
David Boehr Yes Chemistry (BS)
Beth Elacqua Chemistry (BS)
Benjamin Lear Chemistry (BS)
Lauren Zarzar Chemistry (BS)
Bernard Badiali Child & Erly Adol Ed (BS)
Amy Crosson Child & Erly Adol Ed (BS)
Allison Henward Child & Erly Adol Ed (BS)
Andrea McCloskey Child & Erly Adol Ed (BS)
Carla Zembal-Saul Yes Child & Erly Adol Ed (BS)
Flora Shao Yes Chinese (BA)
Rosa Eberly Civic and Community Engagement (UMNR)
Ilgin Guler Yes Civil Engineering (BS)
John Regan Civil Engineering (BS)
Erin Hanses Yes Classics/Anc Med Std (BA)
Mary High Yes Comm Arts & Sciences (BA)
Carol Miller Yes Comm Sci & Disorders (BS)
Theodore Alter Yes Comm, Envir & Devlop (BS)
Katherine Zipp Comm, Envir & Devlop (BS)
Del Schwab Yes Communications (pre-major)
Nergis Erturk Yes Comparative Lit (BA)
Robert Collins Computer Engineering (BS)
Chita Das Computer Engineering (BS)
John Hannan Yes Computer Engineering (BS)
Ting He Computer Engineering (BS)
Vijay Narayanan Computer Engineering (BS)
John Sampson Computer Engineering (BS)
Jesse Barlow Computer Science (BS)
Guochong Cao Computer Science (BS)
John Hannan Yes Computer Science (BS)
Ting He Computer Science (BS)
David Koslicki Computer Science (BS)
Vijay Narayanan Computer Science (BS)
Rebecca Passonneau Computer Science (BS)
Danfeng Zhang Computer Science (BS)
Denny Gioia Yes Corp Innov & Entrep (BS)
Stacy Silver Yes Criminology (BA)
Marc Friedenberg Cybersec Analyt and Oper (BS)
Anna Squicciarini Yes Cybersec Analyt and Oper (BS)
Elisha Clark Halpin Yes Dance (UMNR)
Marc Friedenberg Data Sciences (BS) - Applied Option
John Yen Yes Data Sciences (BS) - Applied Option
John Hannan Yes Data Sciences (BS) - Computational Option
Matthew Beckman Yes Data Sciences (BS) - Statistical Modeling Option
Jia Li Data Sciences (BS) - Statistical Modeling Option
Lin Lin Data Sciences (BS) - Statistical Modeling Option
Lingzhou Xue Data Sciences (BS) - Statistical Modeling Option
Andrew Hieronymi Digital Arts and Media Design (BDES)
Eduardo Navas Yes Digital Arts and Media Design (BDES)
Carlos Rosas Digital Arts and Media Design (BDES)
Angela Rothrock Digital Arts and Media Design (BDES)
Lee Ahern Yes Digital Media Trends Analytics (UMNR)
Katherine Garren Division of Undergaduate Studies
Janet Schulenberg Division of Undergaduate Studies
Patricia Schempp Division of Undergraduate Studies (pre-major)
Junhow Wei Division of Undergraduate Studies (pre-major)
Timothy Bralower Yes Earth Science & Plcy (BS)
Eliza Richardson Marone Yes Earth Sciences (BS)
Russell Chuderewicz Yes Economics (BA)
James Tybout Economics (BA)
Soo-Young Byun Educ & Public Policy (BS)
Erica Frankenberg Educ & Public Policy (BS)
David Gamson Yes Educ & Public Policy (BS)
Dana Mitra Educ & Public Policy (BS)
Stephanie Hopkins Education (pre-major)
Rayne Sperling Educational Psychology (GCN)
Sven Bilen Electrical Engr (BS)
Aida Ebrahimi Electrical Engr (BS)
William Higgins Electrical Engr (BS)
Shengxi Huang Electrical Engr (BS)
Thomas Jackson Electrical Engr (BS)
Timothy Kane Electrical Engr (BS)
Jeffrey Schiano Electrical Engr (BS)
Julio Urbina Yes Electrical Engr (BS)
Jing Yang Electrical Engr (BS)
Seth Blumsack Yes Energy Bus & Finance (BS)
Andrew Kleit Energy Bus & Finance (BS)
Semih Eser Energy Engineering (BS)
Jonathan Mathews Energy Engineering (BS)
Sarma Pisupati Yes Energy Engineering (BS)
Sven Bilen Engineering Design (MS)
Paul Mittan Engineering Leadership Development (UMNR)
Andrea Arguelles Engineering Science (BS)
Osama O Awadelkarim Engineering Science (BS)
Charles Bakis Engineering Science (BS)
Huanyu Cheng Engineering Science (BS)
Francesco Costanzo Engineering Science (BS)
Joseph P. Cusumano Engineering Science (BS)
Saptarshi Das Engineering Science (BS)
Melik Demirel Engineering Science (BS)
Corina Drapaca Engineering Science (BS)
Patrick Drew Engineering Science (BS)
Bruce Gluckman Engineering Science (BS)
Gary Gray Yes Engineering Science (BS)
Reginald Hamilton Engineering Science (BS)
Mark Horn Engineering Science (BS)
Kevin Koudela Engineering Science (BS)
Christopher Kube Engineering Science (BS)
Akhlesh Lakhtakia Engineering Science (BS)
Mike Lanagan Engineering Science (BS)
Patrick M. Lenahan Engineering Science (BS)
Clifford J. Lissenden Engineering Science (BS)
Christine Masters Engineering Science (BS)
Ibrahim Ozbolat Engineering Science (BS)
Sahin Ozdemir Engineering Science (BS)
Lucas Passmore Engineering Science (BS)
Christian Peco Regales Engineering Science (BS)
Edward Reutzel Engineering Science (BS)
Jacques Riviere Engineering Science (BS)
Joseph L. Rose Engineering Science (BS)
Vyacheslav Rotkin Engineering Science (BS)
Barbara Shaw Engineering Science (BS)
Parisa Shokouhi Engineering Science (BS)
Samia Suliman Engineering Science (BS)
Bernhard Tittmann Engineering Science (BS)
Judith Todd Engineering Science (BS)
Jian Xu Engineering Science (BS)
Sulin Zhang Engineering Science (BS)
Claire Colebrook English (BA)
Carla Mulford Yes English (BA)
Gary Felton Entomology (BS)
Ted Graef Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UMNR)
Patrick Drohan Envirn Resource Mgmt (BS)
Robert Shannon Yes Envirn Resource Mgmt (BS)
John Regan Yes Environmental Engr (BS)
Jeremy Gernand Yes Environmntl Sys Engr (BS)
Thaddeus Ityokumbul Environmntl Sys Engr (BS)
Rod Bingaman Film Production (BA)
Kevin Hagopian Film-Video (BA)
Maura Shea Film-Video (BA)
Richard Sherman Film-Video (BA)
Brian Davis Yes Finance (BS)
John Coupland Food Science (BS)
Federico Harte Yes Food Science (BS)
John Hayes Food Science (BS)
Jasna Kovac Food Science (BS)
Christopher Sigler Food Science (BS)
Jason Brooks Yes Forensic Science (BS)
Mitch Holland Forensic Science (BS)
Noelle Waggett Forensic Science (BS)
John Carlson Yes Forest Ecosystm Mgmt (BS)
Marc Authier Yes Fr & Francophone Std (BA)
Tracy Rutler Fr & Francophone Std (BA)
Willa Silverman Fr & Francophone Std (BA)
Mark Patzkowsky Yes Geobiology (BS)
Peter Wilf Geobiology (BS)
Roger Downs Geography (BA)
Brian King Yes Geography (BA)
Maureen Feineman Yes Geosciences (BA)
Peter Heaney Geosciences (BA)
Peter Wilf Geosciences (BA)
Bettina Brandt Yes German (BA)
Jonathan Abel Yes Glbl & Int'l Studies (BS)
Phil Choo Yes Graphic Design (BDES)
Caroline Condon-Lewis Health Policy/Admin (BS)
Selena Ortiz Yes Health Policy/Admin (BS)
Cathleen Cahill Yes History (BA)
Phillip Jolly Yes Hospitality Management (BS)
Alyssa Gamaldo Yes Human Dev & Fam Stud (BS)
Steven Haynes Yes Human-Centered Design and Development (BS)
Pamela Hankey Yes Imnlgy & Infctus Dis (BS)
Andris Freivalds Industrial Engr (BS)
Catherine Harmonosky Yes Industrial Engr (BS)
Sanjay Joshi Industrial Engr (BS)
Jingjing Li Industrial Engr (BS)
Marc Friedenberg Yes Info Sciences & Tech (BS)
David Fusco Info Sciences & Tech (BS)
Edward Glantz Info Sciences & Tech (BS)
Steven Haynes Info Sciences & Tech (BS)
Michael Hills Info Sciences & Tech (BS)
Lisa Lenze Info Sciences & Tech (pre-major)
Eleanor Brown International Affairs (MIA)
Dennis Jett International Affairs (MIA)
Michael Berkman Yes International Poltcs (BA)
Gretchen Casper International Poltcs (BA)
Matthew Golder International Poltcs (BA)
Sherry Roush Italian (BA)
Maria Truglio Yes Italian (BA)
Jonathan Abel Yes Japanese (BA)
Sabine Doran Yes Jewish Studies (BA)
Russell Eshleman Journalism (BA)
Russell Frank Journalism (BA)
Steve Manuel Yes Journalism (BA)
Juliet Pinto Journalism (BA)
Patrick Plaisance Journalism (BA)
Ford Risley Journalism (BA)
John Sanchez Journalism (BA)
Cynthia Simmons Journalism (BA)
Bu Zhong Journalism (BA)
Lacy Alexander Yes Kinesiology (BS)
Jonas Rubenson Yes Kinesiology (BS)
Cody Stephens Yes Labor St & Emply Rel (BA)
Larry Gorenflo Yes Landscape Arch (BLA)
Dennis Decoteau Yes Landscape Contracting (BS)
Matthew Restall Yes Latin-Amer Studies (BA)
Fiona Greaves Legal Environment of Business (UMNR)
John Lipski Yes Letters,Arts,Science (BA)
Julianna Chaszar Liberal Arts (PMAJ)
Gregory Nolan Liberal Arts (pre-major)
Marc Authier Linguistics (BA)
Mike Putnam Linguistics (BA)
Lisa Reed Linguistics (BA)
Denny Gioia Yes Management (BS)
John Spychalski Management Info Sys (BS)
Jennifer Coupland Marketing (BS)
Ralph Colby Mat Sci and Engr (BS)
Allen Kimel Mat Sci and Engr (BS)
Elizabeth Kupp Mat Sci and Engr (BS)
Evangelos Manias Mat Sci and Engr (BS)
Suzanne Mohney Mat Sci and Engr (BS)
Joan Redwing Mat Sci and Engr (BS)
Amy Robinson Yes Mat Sci and Engr (BS)
James Brannick Mathematics (BA)
Nathanial Brown Mathematics (BA)
Diane Henderson Mathematics (BA)
Mark Levi Mathematics (BA)
Luen-Chau Li Mathematics (BA)
Xiantao Li Mathematics (BA)
Anna Mazzucato Mathematics (BA)
Victoria Sadovskaya Mathematics (BA)
Sergei Tabachnikov Yes Mathematics (BA)
Leonid Vaserstein Mathematics (BA)
Aissa Wade Mathematics (BA)
Ludmil Zikatanov Mathematics (BA)
Bo Cheng Mechanical Engr (BS)
Daniel Cortes Mechanical Engr (BS)
Anne Martin Mechanical Engr (BS)
Jean-Michel Mongeau Mechanical Engr (BS)
Jacqueline O'Connor Yes Mechanical Engr (BS)
Yuan Xuan Mechanical Engr (BS)
Jo Dumas Yes Media Studies (BA)
Kevin Hagopian Media Studies (BA)
Jessica Myrick Media Studies (BA)
Shyam Sundar Media Studies (BA)
Benjamin Hudson Yes Medieval Studies (BA)
William Brune Meteorology and Atmospheric Science(BS)
Chris Forest Yes Meteorology and Atmospheric Science(BS)
Paul Markowski Meteorology and Atmospheric Science(BS)
Ray Najjar Meteorology and Atmospheric Science(BS)
Hans Verlinde Meteorology and Atmospheric Science(BS)
David Gilmour Yes Microbiology (BS)
Santosh Girirajan Microbiology (BS)
Ying Gu Microbiology (BS)
Wendy Hanna-Rose Microbiology (BS)
Teh-hui Kao Microbiology (BS)
Timothy Meredith Microbiology (BS)
Joseph Reese Microbiology (BS)
Lorraine Santy Microbiology (BS)
Janina Safran Middle East Studies (UMNR)
Frances Arbaugh Middle Level Education (BS)
Kathleen Collins Middle Level Education (BS)
Shimin Liu Yes Mining Engineering (BS)
Charles Youmans Yes Music (BA)
Linda Thornton Yes Music Education (BME)
Curtis Craig Yes Music Technology (UMNR)
Elisha Clark Halpin Musical Theatre (BFA)
Kevin Alloway Neuroscience (MS)
Elia Merzari Yes Nuclear Engineering (BS)
Ying-Ling Jao Yes Nursing (BS)
Rachael Lorenzo Nursing (BS)
Kristy Conn Nursing (BSN)
Alison Gernand Yes Nutritional Sciences (BS)
Eugene Morgan Yes Petro & Nat Gas Engr (BS)
Joshua Kellogg Yes Pharmacology and Toxicology (BS)
Brady Bowman Yes Philosophy (BA)
Richard Robinett Yes Physics (BS)
Nitin Samarth Physics (BS)
Robert Berghage Plant Sciences (BS)
Surinder Chopra Plant Sciences (BS)
Dennis Decoteau Yes Plant Sciences (BS)
Heather Karsten Plant Sciences (BS)
Christopher Palma Plantary Scn & Astro (BS)
Michael Berkman Yes Political Science (BA)
Gretchen Casper Political Science (BA)
Matthew Golder Political Science (BA)
Bumba Mukherjee Political Science (BA)
Patricia Hunt Premedicine (BS)
Carolyn Jensen Premedicine (BS)
Melissa Krajcovic Premedicine (BS)
Ronald Markle Yes Premedicine (BS)
Frank Hillary Psychology (BA)
Kenneth Levy Yes Psychology (BA)
Jeffrey Love Psychology (BA)
Greg Loviscky Psychology (BA)
Susan Mohammed Psychology (BA)
Sarah Myruski Psychology (BA)
Carol Laregina Public Health (MPH)
Andrew Mowen Yes Rec, Par, Tour Mgmt (BS)
Jeff Hayes Rehab & Human Srvces (BS)
Deirdre O'Sullivan Yes Rehab & Human Srvces (BS)
Daniel Falk Religious Studies (minor)
Brett Ambrose Risk Management (BS)
David Cather Risk Management (BS)
Irina Mikaelian Yes Russian (BA)
Beth Johnson Science (BS)
Beth Johnson Science (BS)
Melissa Krajcovic Science (BS)
Ronald Markle Yes Science (BS)
John Moses Science (BS)
John Moses Science (BS)
Carolyn Jensen Science (pre-major)
Frances Arbaugh Secondary Education (BS)
Karen Eppley Secondary Education (BS)
Kathleen Heid Secondary Education (BS)
Michelle Knotts Secondary Education (BS)
Charlotte Land Secondary Education (BS)
Andrea McCloskey Secondary Education (BS)
Scott McDonald Secondary Education (BS)
Scott Metzger Secondary Education (BS)
Anne Whitney Secondary Education (BS)
Rose Mary Zbiek Yes Secondary Education (BS)
Marc Friedenberg Yes Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Nick Giacobe Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Edward Glantz Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Michael Hills Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Don Shemanski Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Anna Squicciarini Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Dinghao Wu Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Michael Berkman Yes Social Data Analytics (BS)
Gretchen Casper Social Data Analytics (BS)
Matthew Golder Social Data Analytics (BS)
Ashley Patterson Yes Social Justice in Education (UMNR)
Stacy Silver Yes Sociology (BA)
John Lipski Yes Spanish (BA)
Paul Riccomini Special Education (BS)
John Spychalski Yes Sply Chain/Info Syst (BS)
Armine Bagyan Statistics (BS)
Le Bao Statistics (BS)
Matthew Beckman Yes Statistics (BS)
Priyangi Bulathsinhala Statistics (BS)
Xingyuan Fang Statistics (BS)
David Hunter Yes Statistics (BS)
Jia Li Statistics (BS)
Lynn Lin Statistics (BS)
Dennis Pearl Statistics (BS)
Andrew Wiesner Statistics (BS)
Anne Hoag Telecommunications (BA)
Matt Jackson Telecommunications (BA)
Krishna Jayakar Yes Telecommunications (BA)
William Kenyon Theatre (BA)
Raymond Sage Yes Theatre (BA)
William Kenyon Theatre (BFA)
Peter Landschoot Yes Turfgrass Science (BS)
Lester Griel Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS)
Robert Van Saun Yes Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS)
C. Paola Ferreri Yes Wildlife/Fish Scn (BS)
Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor Yes Women's Studies (BA)
Mark Threeton Yes Workforce Ed & Devel (BS)
Matthew Poehner Yes World Languages Ed (BS)

Campus Honors Advisers

First Name Last Name Campus Coordinator Campus Department E-mail
David Ruth Abington Computer Science (BS)
David Ruth Yes Abington Letters,Arts,Science (BA)
Laura Rotunno Altoona Biology (BS)
Laura Rotunno Yes Altoona English (BA)
Laura Rotunno Altoona Rail Transport Engr (BS)
Dave Barnes Altoona Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Karyn McKinney Marvasti Altoona Sociology (BA)
Kristen Olson Yes Beaver
Sandy Feinstein Yes Berks
Tami Mysliwiec Berks Biology (BS)
Lolita Paff Berks Business (BS)
Sandy Feinstein Berks Comm Arts & Sciences (BA)
Sandy Feinstein Yes Berks Psychology (BA)
Laura Guertin Brandywine Bachelor Philosophy (BPH)
Angela Putman Yes Brandywine Comm Arts & Sciences (BA)
Paul DeGategno Brandywine English (BA)
Ivan Esparragoza Brandywine General Engineering (BS)
Jennifer Zosh Brandywine Human Dev & Fam Stud (BS)
Nannette D'Imperio Brandywine Info Sciences & Tech (BS)
Pauline Guerin Brandywine Psychology (BA)
Evelyn Wamboye Yes Dubois
Michael Brown Yes Erie
Stephanie Gummerson Yes Erie
Ashutosh Deshmukh Erie Accounting (BS)
Michael Campbell Erie Biology (BS)
Yi Wu Erie Biomedical Engneerng (UMNR)
Jason Bennett Erie Chemistry (BS)
Alan Jircitano Erie Chemistry (BS)
Rod Troester Erie Comm & Media Studies (BA)
Abdalla Abousheaisha Erie Computer Engineering (BS)
Wen-li Wang Erie Computer Science (BS)
Thomas Noyes Erie Creative Writing (BFA)
Elisa Beshero Erie Digt Media Arts Tech (BA)
Kenneth Louie Erie Economics (BA)
Mark Owens Erie Economics (BA)
Sudarshan Nelatury Erie Electrical Engr (BS)
Dipo Onipede Erie Engineering
Sara Luttfring Erie English (BA)
Craig Warren Erie English (BA)
Michael Naber Erie Environmental Scince (BS)
M. Gregory Filbeck Erie Finance (BS)
Xin Zhao Erie Finance (BS)
Richard Zhao Erie Game Development (UMNR)
Erin Dick Erie Gen Arts & Sciences (BA)
Amy Carney Erie History (BA)
Amy Carney Yes Erie History (BA)
Diane Parente Erie Idisc Bus W/ Engr St (BS)
Paul Lynch Erie Industrial Engr (BS)
Mark Owens Erie International Bus (BS)
Matthew Swinarski Erie Management Info Sys (BS)
Mary Beth Pinto Erie Marketing (BS)
Daniel Galiffa Erie Mathematics (BS)
Joseph Previte Erie Mathematics (BS)
Michael Rutter Erie Mathematics (BS)
Adam Hollinger Erie Mechanical Engr (BS)
Ihab Ragal Erie Mechanical Engr Tech (BS)
Kimberly Streiff Erie Nursing (BS)
Darren Williams Erie Physics (BS)
Bruce Wittmershaus Erie Physics (BS)
Greg Dillon Erie Plastics Engr Tech (BS)
Jonathan Meckley Erie Plastics Engr Tech (BS)
Robert Speel Erie Political Science (BA)
Gregory Dillon Erie Polymer Engineering and Science (BS)
Peerasit Patanakul Erie Project and Supply Chain Management (BS)
Melanie Hetzel-Riggin Erie Psychology (BS)
Victoria Kazmerski Erie Psychology (BS)
Charisse Nixon Erie Psychology (BS)
Anthony Foyle Erie Science (BS)
Lisa Ciecierski Erie Secondary Education (BS)
Courtney Nagle Erie Secondary Education (BS)
Wen-Li Wang Erie Software Engineering (BS)
Soledad Traverso Erie Spanish (UMNR)
Ozgun Demirag Erie Sply Chain/Info Syst (BS)
Michael Rutter Erie Statistics (BS)
Julio Palma Yes Fayette
Charles Prettyman Yes Fayette
Megan Nagel Yes Greater Allegheny
Gina Brelsford Yes Harrisburg
Thomas Amlie Harrisburg Accounting (BS)
John Haddad Harrisburg American Studies (BA)
Sairam Rudrabhatla Harrisburg Biology (BS)
Sai Kakuturu Harrisburg Civil Engineering (BS)
Thang Bui Harrisburg Computer Science (BS)
Linda Null Harrisburg Computer Science (BS)
Jennifer Gibbs Harrisburg Criminal Justice (BS)
Mohammad-Reza Tofighi Harrisburg Electrical Engr (BS)
Jen Hirt Harrisburg English (BHUM)
Matthew Wilson Harrisburg English (BHUM)
Nihal Bayraktar Harrisburg Finance (BBA)
Sung Choi Harrisburg Health Policy and Administration (BS)
Jesse Middaugh Harrisburg Info Sciences & Tech (BS)
Girish Subramanian Harrisburg Information Systems (BS)
Ronald Walker Harrisburg Mathematical Sciences (BS)
Rick Ciocci Harrisburg Mechanical Engr Tech (BS)
Alexander Siedschlag Harrisburg Political Science (BA)
Cobi Michael Harrisburg Psychology (BS)
Triparna Vasavada Harrisburg Public Policy (BS)
Sairam Rudrabhatla Harrisburg Science (BS)
Jesse Middaugh Harrisburg Security & Rsk Analy (BS)
Justin Nordstrom Yes Hazleton
Elizabeth Flaherty Yes Lehigh Valley
Kira Hamman Yes Mont Alto Science (PMAJ)
Jennifer Gilley Yes New Kensington
Valerie Schrader Yes Schuylkill
Todd Adams Yes Scranton
Meg Hatch Yes Scranton
Ann Brennan Yes Wilkes-Barre
Andy Landis Yes York
Schreyer Scholar Lisa Gardner

Schreyer is unique because it provides you with a supportive community of people. The staff help guide you through all the resources and experiences Penn State has to offer and the college provides you with the funding to make them happen.

Lisa Gardner '19 Mechanical Engineering

A Dedicated Resource Honors Advising

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