The Pennsylvania State University-Schreyer Honors College

Application Process

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The Schreyer admissions process includes a holistic review of each application. Honors faculty review the high school transcript, essays, short answer questions, and recommendations submitted by each applicant. This is a very competitive process as we are limited to a first-year class of 300 students.

The Schreyer Honors College is open to all baccalaureate programs at all Penn State campuses. Please take a look at the rest of this section to learn more about the application process for the Schreyer Honors College The only program you cannot be enrolled in is the Accelerated Pre-Med/Medical program; you may apply to both but would have to choose one over the other if accepted to both.

You will need to complete the general Penn State application before you can submit the Schreyer application. While you are learning about how to apply to Schreyer, please also be sure to visit the Penn State Undergraduate Admissions webpage to learn about that application process.

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