Schreyer Honors College staff are working remotely during standard business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST). For questions or concerns regarding the first-year admissions process, please email or call (814) 865-2060. Current Scholars with questions or concerns should email or call (814) 863-2635. Current Scholars may also schedule an appointment online.

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Welcome All New Scholars Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)

Congratulations and welcome to the Schreyer Honors community. Your orientation journey begins with an introduction to the College's mission and vision and to teams of dedicated staff and energized Orientation Mentors who are committed to making your orientation one to remember.

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information
Nittany Lion Shrine in the spring

SHO Modules

Learn more about our mission, learning outcomes, community life, and other resources in the Schreyer Honors College. These self-paced and required modules in Canvas will help shape your experience as new Scholars.

Coming Soon

SHO TIME Schedule

Please note that the schedule for SHO TIME 2021 is currently being developed and will be available online later this spring. Accepted students will receive more information when details are complete.

Let Scholars Be Your Guide Orientation Mentors

From the moment you arrive on campus, you'll be greeted, taught, encouraged, and led by nearly 100 returning Scholars, who have spent months preparing to be your SHO TIME Orientation Mentors. They're excited to share with you what they've learned during their time at Penn State and in the Honors College.

Communications Committee

Krystal Leung headshot
Krystal Leung Team Leader Computer Science (BS) (she/her/hers)
Olivia Pena headshot
Olivia Pena Team Leader Biobehavioral Health (BS) (she/her)
Julia Briselli headshot
Julia Briselli Liberal Arts (PMAJ) (she/her)
Maddie Fisher headshot
Maddie Fisher Business Admin (PMAJ) (she/her)
Alyssa Galban headshot
Alyssa Galban Education (PMAJ) (she/her)
Jack Howard headshot
Jack Howard Science (PMAJ) (he/him)
Yuki Ip headshot
Yuki Ip Hospitality Mangment (BS) (she/her)
Kailey McSteen headshot
Kailey McSteen Business Admin (PMAJ) (she/her)
Ben Nasal headshot
Ben Nasal Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) (he/him/his)
Shaka Ramanathan headshot
Shaka Ramanathan Psychology (BS) (she/her/hers)
Catarina Rodrigues headshot
Catarina Rodrigues Agriculture (PMAJ) (she/her)
Sacha Smith headshot
Sacha Smith Business Admin (PMAJ) (she/her/hers)
Caden Vitti headshot
Caden Vitti Earth & Mineral Sci (PMAJ) (he/him/his)
Micaela Zelinsky headshot
Micaela Zelinsky Liberal Arts (PMAJ) (she/her)

Engagement Committee

Ali Axtman headshot
Ali Axtman Team Leader Liberal Arts (PMAJ) (she/her/hers)
Kaitlyn Bridge headshot
Kaitlyn Bridge Team Leader Info Sciences & Tech (BS) Comm Arts & Sciences (BA)
Lindsay Aluquin headshot
Lindsay Aluquin Health & Human Dev (PMAJ) (she/her/hers)
Catherine Clancy headshot
Catherine Clancy Political Science (BA) (she/her/hers)
Viviana Davila headshot
Viviana Davila Nutritional Sciences (BS) (she/her/hers)
Gabe Hiestand headshot
Gabe Hiestand Environmntl Sys Engr (BS) (he/him)
Molly Hohner headshot
Molly Hohner Industrial Engr (BS) (she/her/hers)
Teresa Leonard headshot
Teresa Leonard Liberal Arts (PMAJ) (she/her/hers)
Om Salunkhe headshot
Om Salunkhe Finance (BS) Statistics (BS) Economics (BS) (he/him/his)
Casey Sennett headshot
Casey Sennett Anthropology (MA) Anthropology (BA) Jewish Studies (BA) History (BA) (she/her/hers)
Nora Van Horn headshot
Nora Van Horn Philosophy (BA) Chinese (BA) Glbl & Intrntl Studs (BA) (she/her)
Will Vincent headshot
Will Vincent Mechanical Engr (BS) (he/him/his)
Mary Wilson headshot
Mary Wilson Engr Premajor (PMAJ) (she/her)
Jordan Yerger headshot
Jordan Yerger Health & Human Dev (PMAJ) (she/her/hers)
Alex Zhu headshot
Alex Zhu Info Sciences & Tech (BS) (he)

Logistics Committee

Kyle McKelvey headshot
Kyle McKelvey Team Leader Architectural Engr (MAE) Architectural Engr (BAE) (he/him)
Mathilde Scarlata headshot
Mathilde Scarlata Team Leader Psychology (BS)
Casey Capetola headshot
Casey Capetola Engr Premajor (PMAJ) (he/him/his)
Julia Faust headshot
Julia Faust Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) (she/her/hers)
Bayli Grossi headshot
Bayli Grossi Industrial Engr (BS) (she/her/hers)
Eric Mole headshot
Eric Mole Science (PMAJ) (he/him/his)
Sarah Pendleton headshot
Sarah Pendleton Science (PMAJ) (she/her/hers)
Caroline Peters headshot
Caroline Peters Political Science (BA) Sociology (BA) (she/her)
Helena Rudolph headshot
Helena Rudolph Biomedical Engneerng (BS) (she/her)
Levi Showalter headshot
Levi Showalter Plant Sciences (BS) (he/him)
David Starnes headshot
David Starnes Biology (BS) (he/him/his)
Megan Swift headshot
Megan Swift Journalism (BA) (she/her)
Marisa Williamson headshot
Marisa Williamson Engr Premajor (PMAJ) (she/her/hers)

Remote Committee

Adwait Chafale headshot
Adwait Chafale Team Leader Psychology (BS) (he/him/his)
Blake Toliver headshot
Blake Toliver Team Leader English (BA) Criminology (BS)
Dan Bransfield headshot
Dan Bransfield Liberal Arts (PMAJ) (he/him)
Katelyn Farrar headshot
Katelyn Farrar Agriculture (PMAJ) (she/her)
Sydney Gibbard headshot
Sydney Gibbard Biomedical Engneerng (BS) (she/her)
Charlotte Harris headshot
Charlotte Harris Health & Human Dev (PMAJ) (she/her)
Maggie Hieber headshot
Maggie Hieber Div of Ug Studies (PMAJ) (she/her)
Emily Hu headshot
Emily Hu Business Admin (PMAJ) (she/her)
Mary Kaldor headshot
Mary Kaldor Astro & Astrophysics (BS) (she/her/hers)
Bianca Mazzarella headshot
Bianca Mazzarella Economics (BA) (she/her/hers)
Carley Palkon headshot
Carley Palkon Internationl Affairs (MIA) International Poltcs (BA) (she/her/hers)
David Schlichtig headshot
David Schlichtig Finance (BS) (he/him/his)
Jake Snyder headshot
Jake Snyder Biology (BS) (he/him/his/they/ them/theirs
Octavia Szkutnik headshot
Octavia Szkutnik Engr Premajor (PMAJ)
Suzuka Yamane headshot
Suzuka Yamane Liberal Arts (PMAJ) (she/her)

SHO Finale Committee

Dan Carvajal headshot
Dan Carvajal Team Leader Civil Engineering (BS) (he)
Jared Martin headshot
Jared Martin Team Leader Engineering Science (BS)
Carly Brogan headshot
Carly Brogan Biobehavioral Health (BS) (she/her)
Andrew Kacala headshot
Andrew Kacala Science (PMAJ) (he/him/his)
Frank Marzano headshot
Frank Marzano Accounting (BS) Economics (BS) (he/him)
Aryath Narayanamangalam headshot
Aryath Narayanamangalam Biomedical Engneerng (BS) Mechanical Engr (BS) (he/him)
Natasha Nybro headshot
Natasha Nybro Business Admin (PMAJ) (she/her)
Hannah Priller headshot
Hannah Priller Science (PMAJ) (she/her)
Jessica Santucci headshot
Jessica Santucci Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) (she/her)
Emily Snow headshot
Emily Snow Biomedical Engneerng (BS) (she/her)
Kathryn Tague headshot
Kathryn Tague Communications (PMAJ) (she/her)
Katie Terceiro headshot
Katie Terceiro Engr Premajor (PMAJ) (she/her/hers)
Schreyer Scholar Matt Tracey

My family has always loved Penn State and to be able to take this love along with the fact that Penn State is a top research university is amazing. This combined with fact that Schreyer has a culture of independent thinking and an emphasis on a global perspective allows me to see my education as being much bigger than me.

Matt Tracey '19 Biochemistry and Microbiology

Welcome First-Year Students Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information