Welcome All New Scholars Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)

Congratulations and welcome to the Schreyer Honors community. Your orientation journey begins with an introduction to the College's mission and vision and to teams of dedicated staff and energized Orientation Mentors who are committed to making your orientation one to remember.

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information
New first-year Schreyer Scholars and Orientation Mentors participating in a tug of war


Given the continuing challenge and uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic and to protect the health of students, families, staff, and the broader community, planning has been developed to create an alternative fall orientation program. New Scholars are scheduled to move-in on Thursday, August 20 to participate in SHO TIME. Details, arrival information, and a schedule for SHO TIME will be released on July 15.

Let Scholars Be Your Guide Orientation Mentors

From the moment you arrive on campus, you'll be greeted, taught, encouraged, and led by nearly 100 returning Scholars, who have spent months preparing to be your SHO TIME Orientation Mentors. They're excited to share with you what they've learned during their time at Penn State and in the Honors College.

Communications Team

Adwait Chafale headshot
Adwait Chafale Team Leader Psychology (BS) abc5887@psu.edu
Chloe Bevilacqua headshot
Chloe Bevilacqua Liberal Arts (PMAJ) cqb5147@psu.edu
Harrison Brennan headshot
Harrison Brennan Economics (BA) International Poltcs (BA) Philosophy (BA) Asian Studies (BA) hrb28@psu.edu
Kaitlyn Bridge headshot
Kaitlyn Bridge Info Sciences & Tech (BS) kzb43@psu.edu
Camryn Buss headshot
Camryn Buss Biobehavioral Health (BS) ckb5532@psu.edu
Sydney Gibbard headshot
Sydney Gibbard Engr Premajor (PMAJ) sag5792@psu.edu
Ben Nasal headshot
Ben Nasal Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) bln5145@psu.edu
Carley Anne Palkon headshot
Carley Anne Palkon International Poltcs (BA) cpp5332@psu.edu
Olivia Pena headshot
Olivia Pena Science (PMAJ) olp5021@psu.edu
Shakambari Ramanathan headshot
Shakambari Ramanathan Liberal Arts (PMAJ) sxr5607@psu.edu
Emily Snow headshot
Emily Snow Engr Premajor (PMAJ) egs5198@psu.edu

Hospitality Team

Lauren DeCastro headshot
Lauren DeCastro Team Leader Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS) lnd5146@psu.edu
Anton Aluquin headshot
Anton Aluquin Health Policy/Admin (BS) aua1311@psu.edu
John Craig headshot
John Craig Liberal Arts (PMAJ) jmc7765@psu.edu
Ella DeKunder headshot
Ella DeKunder Engr Premajor (PMAJ) ecd5243@psu.edu
Julia Faust headshot
Julia Faust Science (PMAJ) jef5543@psu.edu
Cara Himmel headshot
Cara Himmel Education (PMAJ) cnh5267@psu.edu
Sara Jimenez Rincon headshot
Sara Jimenez Rincon Biobehavioral Health (BS) sbj5283@psu.edu
Aryath Narayanamangalam headshot
Aryath Narayanamangalam Engr Premajor (PMAJ) azn5362@psu.edu
Jessica Santucci headshot
Jessica Santucci Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) jzs462@psu.edu
Casey Sennett headshot
Casey Sennett Anthropology (BA) Jewish Studies (BA) History (BA) cms7542@psu.edu
Ayush Sharma headshot
Ayush Sharma Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) axs6669@psu.edu

Logistics Team

Kyle McKelvey headshot
Kyle McKelvey Team Leader Architectural Engr (MAE) Architectural Engr (BAE) kbm5557@psu.edu
Jacob Cunningham headshot
Jacob Cunningham Computer Science (BS) jtc42@psu.edu
Krystal Leung headshot
Krystal Leung Engr Premajor (PMAJ) kfl5316@psu.edu
Bianca Mazzarella headshot
Bianca Mazzarella Liberal Arts (PMAJ) bum380@psu.edu
Aranya Muhunthan headshot
Aranya Muhunthan Engr Premajor (PMAJ) abm6189@psu.edu
Ritika Nagpal headshot
Ritika Nagpal Business Admin (PMAJ) rkn5124@psu.edu
Lauren Peterman headshot
Lauren Peterman Chemical Engineering (BS) lxp5268@psu.edu
Hailey Reiss headshot
Hailey Reiss Agriculture (PMAJ) hmr5265@psu.edu
Helena Rudolph headshot
Helena Rudolph Engr Premajor (PMAJ) hkr5116@psu.edu
Brad Scanlon headshot
Brad Scanlon Engr Premajor (PMAJ) bjs6358@psu.edu
Grace Sibley headshot
Grace Sibley Engr Premajor (PMAJ) gcs5167@psu.edu
Megan Swift headshot
Megan Swift Journalism (BA) mfs5761@psu.edu

Programming Team

Falynn Dunkelberger headshot
Falynn Dunkelberger Team Leader International Poltcs (BA) Women's Studies (BA) fdd5028@psu.edu
Tessa Beauchat headshot
Tessa Beauchat Engr Premajor (PMAJ) tnb5265@psu.edu
Viviana Davila headshot
Viviana Davila Kinesiology (BS) vid5085@psu.edu
Jessica Hall headshot
Jessica Hall Communications (PMAJ) jxh1696@psu.edu
Gabriel Hiestand headshot
Gabriel Hiestand Earth & Mineral Sci (PMAJ) gph5144@psu.edu
Molly Hohner headshot
Molly Hohner Engr Premajor (PMAJ) mkh5774@psu.edu
Jacob Lemler headshot
Jacob Lemler Liberal Arts (PMAJ) jxl6348@psu.edu
Lewis Richardson headshot
Lewis Richardson Political Science (BA) Philosophy (BA) lfr5165@psu.edu
William Vincent headshot
William Vincent Engr Premajor (PMAJ) wmv5027@psu.edu
Schreyer Scholar Jonathan McKellar

It’s through Schreyer that I found my business fraternity. I’ve found so many different people who have been great friends, but who have also helped me network professionally.

Jonathan McKellar '18 Mathematics, Economics

Welcome First-Year Students Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information