Congratulations New Scholars New Scholar Orientation Experiences

Welcome to the Schreyer Scholar family! We are thrilled to have you join us in the fall. This page will provide you with important and timely information you need to succeed in your orientation to Penn State and the Schreyer Honors College — it is a journey!

Penn State is a large, multi-faceted institution. As a new Schreyer Scholar, you will quickly learn how easy it is to find community and belonging in Schreyer. Whether you are entering the College as a first-, second-, or third-year students at University Park or one of our campuses, we have designed a welcoming and inclusive orientation program with you in mind. You belong.

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information
SHO TIME students posing at the We Are statue

New Student Orientation (NSO)

About New Student Orientation (NSO)

Your orientation to Penn State begins during New Student Orientation (NSO). All new first-year students to Penn State must participate in NSO. A special NSO date is set for incoming University Park Schreyer Scholars each year, and first-year Scholars are automatically added to those dates. During those days, we will have special programming, including a ONE STOP program for families and an open house in Atherton Hall.

Please Note: This summer we are completing an exciting Atherton Renovation project. During renovations, visitors will enter Atherton through the North Courtyard by the White Building.

University Park Schreyer Scholar New Student Orientation (NSO) date for 2023: June 1 and 2.

  • June 1-2 For First-Year Scholars at University Park
Schreyer Parents and Families ONE STOP

As your student completes their fall schedule, Parents and Families are invited to join us in Atherton Hall for Penn State Berkey Creamery ice cream. This is a great opportunity to speak directly with the Deans and staff to have all your questions answered before departing for home.

Open House for All New Scholars and Families

Date Conflicts

If you are unable to make the Schreyer-specific dates above, please contact Student Orientation and Transition Programs to select a new NSO date that works best for you. Please be assured that new Scholars will receive all the important information if they are not able to attend on the scheduled day for Scholars.

Summer Send-Offs

Join other new Scholars, their families, and Scholar Alumni Society leaders at a regional summer send-off event. These optional social events (think graduation party), held in late July and early August, are a great way to meet other Scholars in your area, make new friends before arriving on campus, and find a semester break travel buddy too! Parents and families can volunteer to host by June 5, 2023.

New Student Orientation (NSO)

Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)


Schreyer Honors College holds a welcoming and inclusive orientation to the Schreyer community for all new Scholars. Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME) is the beginning of your Schreyer journey. Scholar move-in and arrival for 2023 is August 17.

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by the Dean, staff, and more than 60 Scholar Peer Educators who were where you are today not that long ago. Peer Educators serve as trusted friends, mentors, and advocates for all new Scholars, and they are eager to connect and engage with you throughout your orientation experience.

During SHO TIME, Peer Educators introduce new Scholars to the college's academic requirements, mission and vision, community, student life, resources, and more through two days of entertaining and interactive programming.

  • August 17-18 New First-Year Scholars at University Park
  • August 21 (Virtual) New Scholars at Commonwealth Campuses
  • August 27 New Second- and Third-Year Scholars at University Park

SHO TIME Modules

The SHO TIME Orientation Modules introduce you to the Mission, Vision, and Value of the Honors College and highlight key information and resources that will help you succeed as a Scholar at Penn State. Please be sure to complete all modules prior to SHO TIME.

Once available, you can access your SHO TIME Orientation Modules by logging in to Canvas with your Penn State username and password. After you have logged in, select SHO TIME 2023 Orientation Modules from the dashboard.

Complete SHO TIME Modules

SHO TIME Schedule

Please note that SHO TIME schedules listed below are subject to change. If you have questions or an orientation conflict (i.e. Blue Band or other orientation program), please contact us at

Select your SHO TIME schedule below based on your entry into the College and your location.

Arrival Day and Check-In for Schreyer Scholars

SHO TIME Registration and Check-In

Enjoy quality time with family as you prepare to begin SHO TIME with your Peer Educators.

Welcome to SHO TIME 2023

Your orientation to the Schreyer Honors College begins with a warm welcome from the Dean of the Honors College and your SHO TIME Peer Educators. New Scholars, get ready to begin a one-of-a-kind orientation experience on the HUB Lawn!

Parents and Families Information Session

Join Patrick T. Mather, Dean of the Schreyer Honors College, and Cyndy Hill, Director of the Penn State Parents Program, for information sessions designed specifically for parents and families. Have all your questions answered before leaving campus.

Blue/White Spirit Dinner

Chef Stéphane Gawlowicz welcomes all new Scholars to one of several dining halls on campus for a special evening of entrees, game-day cookies, and ice cream! All Scholars are invited to bring one fun “small pocket sized” item that has special meaning to you. You will be invited to share in small groups at dinner.

SHO TIME "First Night"

Experience a variety of engaging and interactive activites with your new Peer Educators and classmates. Join in on the annual SHO TIME Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament or a friendly competition of Tug O'War!


A long-standing tradition in the Schreyer Honors College is an event we call Donuts with the Dean, and it's a terrific opportunity to mingle with new Scholars and staff. Join Dean Mather, your SHO TIME Peer Educators, and Schreyer staff for assorted pastries (and donuts!), yogurt and toppings to start your day.

Welcome and Shaping Your Scholar Success: Part 1

Dean Mather welcomes all new Scholars to the Honors College community and highlights the history, mission, vision, and values of the College. Learn more about the New Scholar Experience designed to maximize a genuine sense of belonging in Schreyer and at Penn State. Ask us anything!

Peer Educator Scholar Circles

This session will introduce you to how you can find success in and out of class so you can be sure to make the most of your orientation experience in Schreyer.

PSreUse Lunch

Take advantage of a popular sustainability initiative and learn more about sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives on campus. Select your favorite lunch options in a reusable container.

Shaping Scholar Success: Part 2

Join Schreyer Honors College staff for this engaging and lively conversation about shaping your success as a Scholar. Penn State faculty and Honors College staff will offer advice and guidance on how to navigate through your first year as a Scholar at Penn State.

Introduction to "Foundations of Scholar Success"

Get ready to create your first video blog and learn more about your journey in Schreyer. Explore the importance of personal values and learn more about leadership and engagement on campus and in the Honors College community.

Peer Educator Scholar Circles

International Smorgasbord and Project 2027: Letter to Your Future Self

Enjoy a variety of international entrees and desserts prepared by Chef Stéphane. Find time to write and submit a letter to your future self. Scholars will receive this letter upon their graduation; a treasured tradition in the College.

The One and Only Brain Show

This SHO TIME tradition is a big hit with Scholars and offers all the fun and excitement of a TV game show. This is a great opportunity to test your knowledge and wit on a variety of subjects, including fun facts about Penn State and the Schreyer Honors College.

SHO TIME Social/Coffeehouse

Celebrate a successful SHO TIME and join your new friends for an evening of tunes from Dean Mather, karaoke emceed by your Peer Educators, canvas painting, board games, and refreshments.

New First-Year Scholars Welcome to SHO TIME and Foundations of Success
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Virtual

Join Dean Mather to learn more about the history of the College and key foundational values and strategies that will help you find belonging in the honors community.

New Second-and-Third Year Scholars Welcome to SHO TIME/Shaping Your Scholar Success
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Virtual

Join Dean Mather to learn more about the history of the College and key foundational values and strategies that will help you find belonging in the honors community.

Registration and Check-In

New Schreyer Scholar Networking Brunch

Welcome to the Schreyer Honors College community. Enjoy a delicious brunch with a variety of healthy choices. All new Scholars are invited to bring a pocket-sized item that has meaning to them. Items will be used as conversation starters during the brunch.

Welcome to the Schreyer Honors College

Join Dean Patrick T. Mather to learn more about the history, mission, vision, and values of the College and how you can apply your leadership experiences to shape your personal success in Schreyer.

Shaping Your Success in Schreyer

Learn more about shaping your success as a Scholar. Penn State faculty and Honors College staff will offer advice and guidance on how to navigate through your first year as a Scholar at Penn State.

A Mindful Moment with Peer Educators

New Scholar Experience: Foundations of Scholar Success (LA 197)

About the New Scholar Experience

The New Scholar Experience: Foundations of Scholar Success is the continuation of your orientation journey. This semester-long one-credit course helps you build key skills needed for success while fostering connections with peers through Scholar Circles. New first-year Scholars, regardless of campus, are highly recommended to register for this course during their first fall semester in Schreyer Honors College.

Foundations of Scholar Success is different from a first-year seminar course. This experience is about finding and strengthening your community and support systems within Schreyer to maximize sense of belonging. In this course, Scholars can expect peer educators to facilitate a variety of activities, including engaging discussions, reflections, online activities, and group outings. Scholars will explore and understand their own identities and perspectives, develop skills to manage their time and responsibilities, engage in self-care, and navigate Schreyer and Penn State resources to enhance their academic and personal success. The course has a remote option for Scholars at the Commonwealth campuses.

  • Fall Semester All New First-Year Scholars

How to Schedule

Log into LionPATH to add an available section of LA197 to your schedule. Commonwealth Campus scholars should select a section offered via Zoom.

Foundations of Scholar Success (LA 197) will assist Scholars in developing skills and connections that are important for personal and academic success. In this course, Scholars will:

  • Develop a sense of belonging and connection to the campus community through discussions and activities related to identity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Explore and reflect on their own identities and experiences and learn how to respect and value the diversity of others
  • Develop effective time management skills to balance academic and personal responsibilities, including prioritization, goal setting, and scheduling
  • Identify and access on-campus resources, such as academic support services, health and wellness services, and career development services
  • Learn strategies for academic success, including study skills, note-taking, and test-taking
  • Learn skills and resources for engaging in and prioritizing self-care
  • Build meaningful connections with peers and Schreyer staff who will provide ongoing support and community throughout their Schreyer journey
What is the expected workload for the LA 197 class and how is it graded?

This class will meet weekly for one hour throughout the fall. As far as workload, LA197 is not a conventional course. It is more focused on discussion during class, rather than homework. Outside of class work will be minimal and may include activities such as reflecting or blogging. The course is being graded as satisfactory/unsatisfactory rather than a letter grade.

Who are the instructors for LA 197?

The Dean of the Schreyer Honors College, Patrick T. Mather, is the instructor on record. He, in collaboration with Lynette Yarger, associate dean of equity and inclusion, and Thomas Iacovino, graduate assistant, will develop the content. However, most classes will be taught by credentialed Peer Educators, you can find the list of Peer Educators at the bottom of this page.

What is the class size of LA 197?

Sections for this course are capped at 10 Scholars. An additional section open to 20 Scholars is offered as a hybrid course to accommodate first-year Scholars at the Commonwealth Campuses.

Will LA197 be offered in the spring semester?

The course will not be offered for spring 2024. First-year Scholars can only take this course during the fall 2023 semester.

Welcome Week and Scholar Involvement Fair

About Welcome Week and the Scholar Involvement Fair

Welcome Week is a time for exploring Penn State, learning about involvement opportunities, and enjoying exciting campus events. During this week, we invite you to check out the All-Scholar Involvement Fair to learn about student organizations in Schreyer.

  • Scholar Involvement Fair August 27 | 3:30 PM | Alumni Hall, HUB

Scholar Housing

Have you completed your housing contract yet? All first-year Scholars at University Park are strongly encouraged to live in the Schreyer Honors College Living Learning Community in Atherton or Simmons Hall.

Our Honors Housing Community

The GLOBE: A Schreyer Living Learning Community

The GLOBE is a close-knit community of globally minded individuals who have the desire to foster global awareness and an international perspective. First-year Scholars interested in applying or learning more about the GLOBE can do so on their website. The deadline for applying to the GLOBE is June 19, 2023.

Learn About and Apply to The GLOBE

Let Scholars Be Your Guide Peer Educators

Peer Leader

Ian Balaratna headshot
Ian Balaratna Mech Engr - Univ Park (BS) he/him/his Abington, PA
Lia Gerboc headshot
Lia Gerboc Biology (BS) she/her/hers Lake Mary, FL
Emilie Horton headshot
Emilie Horton Accounting (MACC) Accounting (BS) she/her/hers Irwin, PA
Emma Khoury headshot
Emma Khoury Biology (BS) she/her/hers Shrewsbury, PA
Jackie Kiszka headshot
Jackie Kiszka Meteo & Atmosph Scnce (BS) she/her/hers York, PA
Dev Lochan headshot
Dev Lochan Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) he/him/his Mechanicsburg, PA
Owen Nasal headshot
Owen Nasal Mathematics (BS) he/him/his State College, PA
Rishika Patil headshot
Rishika Patil Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers Warrington, PA
Samantha Powell headshot
Samantha Powell Economics (BS) she/her/hers Jamison, PA
Katie Seidel headshot
Katie Seidel Environmntl Sys Engr (BS) she/her/hers Mount Airy, MD
Matthew Visomirski headshot
Matthew Visomirski Physics (BS) Mathematics (BS) he/him/his Jenkintown, PA
Ryan White headshot
Ryan White Biomedical Engneerng (BS) he/him/his Yardley, PA

Peer Educator

Amelia Allen headshot
Amelia Allen Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers Cloquet, MN
Kamryn Andes headshot
Kamryn Andes Agriculture (PMAJ) she/her/hers Ephrata, PA
Siddhardha Basu headshot
Siddhardha Basu Comp Sci - Univ Park (BS) he/him/his McDonald, PA
Pradham Bathini headshot
Pradham Bathini Science (PMAJ) he/him/his Mechanicsburg, PA
Julia Briselli headshot
Julia Briselli Comm Arts & Sciences (BA) Philosophy (BA) she/her/hers Harrisburg, PA
Ankita Dasgupta headshot
Ankita Dasgupta Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers Bangalore, India
Justin Deekollu headshot
Justin Deekollu Biology (BS) he/him/his Chester, PA
Kevin Ding headshot
Kevin Ding Science (PMAJ) he/him/his Hummelstown, PA
Andrew Eisel headshot
Andrew Eisel Finance (BS) Economics (BS) he/him/his Altoona, PA
Katie Estes headshot
Katie Estes Science (BS) Spanish (BA) she/her/hers Hummelstown, PA
Shreya Gorawala headshot
Shreya Gorawala Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers Ambler, PA
Owen Hall headshot
Owen Hall Computer Engineering (BS) he/him/his Pittsburgh, PA
Emily Hidalgo headshot
Emily Hidalgo Div of Ug Studies (PMAJ) she/her/hers Richboro, PA
Maggie Hieber headshot
Maggie Hieber Psychology (BS) Statistics (BS) she/her/hers Export, PA
Paikea Houston headshot
Paikea Houston Marketing (BS) she/her/hers Lancaster, PA
Mikayla Hribal headshot
Mikayla Hribal Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers Coraopolis, PA
Melinda Jin headshot
Melinda Jin Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers Norristown, PA
Andrew Kacala headshot
Andrew Kacala Biology (BS) he/him/his Lansdale, PA
Nikitha Kanumuru headshot
Nikitha Kanumuru Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers Chester, PA
Leah Karwic headshot
Leah Karwic Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers Elverson, PA
Sarah Kircher headshot
Sarah Kircher Mathematics (BS) she/her/hers Perkasie, PA
Hannah Kline headshot
Hannah Kline Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) German (BS) she/her/hers Elizabethtown, PA
Cameron Koch headshot
Cameron Koch Biology (BS) he/him/his Coopersburg, PA
Samantha Kratman headshot
Samantha Kratman Biology (BS) she/her/hers Lincoln, RI
Esha Lahoti headshot
Esha Lahoti Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers Pittsburgh, PA
Tess Leonard headshot
Tess Leonard Biobehavioral Health (BS) Psychology (BS) she/her/hers North East, PA
Ben Lindgren headshot
Ben Lindgren International Poltcs (BA) Comm, Envir & Devlop (BS) he/him/his Wexford, PA
Holly Lussier headshot
Holly Lussier Agriculture (PMAJ) she/her/hers Malvern, PA
Aditi Maheshwari headshot
Aditi Maheshwari Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers Breinigsville, PA
Gianna Martinelli headshot
Gianna Martinelli International Poltcs (BA) Spanish (BA) she/her/hers Wilmington, DE
Miguel Mascarenhas headshot
Miguel Mascarenhas Psychology (BS) he/him/his Mechanicsburg, PA
Joseph Mast headshot
Joseph Mast Industrial Engr (BS) he/him/his Carlisle, PA
Matthew Miller headshot
Matthew Miller Sply Chain/Info Syst (BS) he/him/his Cypress, TX
Sagufta Muktadir headshot
Sagufta Muktadir Engr Premajor (PMAJ) she/her/hers King of Prussia, PA
Nicholas Murgia headshot
Nicholas Murgia Mech Engr - Univ Park (BS) he/him/his Easton, PA
Damini Nair headshot
Damini Nair Biology (BS) Psychology (BS) she/her/hers Thiruvananthapuram, India
Ava Nociforo headshot
Ava Nociforo Comm Arts & Sciences (BA) she/her/hers Horsham, PA
Vraj Patel headshot
Vraj Patel Engr Premajor (PMAJ) He/him Downingtown, PA
Kathryn Pinto headshot
Kathryn Pinto Film Production (BA) she/her/hers Shoreline, WA
Eliza Polyak headshot
Eliza Polyak Food Science (BS) she/her/hers Hopkins, MN
Joseph Pritchard headshot
Joseph Pritchard Biology (BS) he/him/his Wexford, PA
Areea Rahman headshot
Areea Rahman Data Sciences (BS) she/her/hers Allentown, PA
Katherine Rupert headshot
Katherine Rupert Food Science (BS) she/her/hers Lewistown, PA
Shreya Rupesh headshot
Shreya Rupesh Comp Sci - Univ Park (BS) she/her/hers Wayne, PA
William (Quint) Rymes headshot
William (Quint) Rymes Business Admin (PMAJ) he/him/his Jefferson, MD
Amanda Sargen headshot
Amanda Sargen Mech Engr - Univ Park (BS) she/her/hers York, PA
Samantha Sellmann headshot
Samantha Sellmann Psychology (BS) she/her/hers Brick, NJ
Riya Shah headshot
Riya Shah Comp Sci - Univ Park (BS) She/Her Phoenixville, PA
Aneesh Singh headshot
Aneesh Singh Data Sciences (BS) he/him/his Metuchen, NJ
Emily Stoller headshot
Emily Stoller Earth Science & Plcy (BS) she/her/hers Pennsylvania Furnace, PA
Kevin Tian headshot
Kevin Tian Science (PMAJ) he/him/his Pittsburgh, PA
Mabel Tong headshot
Mabel Tong Biology (BS) she/her/hers State College, PA
Claire Tse headshot
Claire Tse Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers Collegeville, PA
Michael Vignone headshot
Michael Vignone Plant Sciences (BS) he/him/his Berlin, CT
Maggie Zong headshot
Maggie Zong Biotechnology (BS) she/her/hers Landsdale, PA
Schreyer Scholar Marissa Works

Schreyer helps students navigate life on campus and beyond with extremely important opportunities such as priority scheduling, smaller and more personal class sizes, and grant/scholarship funding. I was able to take on the internship of my dreams at the Kennedy Center because of Schreyer's connections and financial support.

Marissa Works ' 19 Music Education and Advertising/Public Relations

Congratulations New Scholars New Scholar Orientation Experiences

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information