Welcome All New Scholars Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)

Congratulations and welcome to the Schreyer Honors community. Your orientation journey begins with an introduction to the College's mission and vision and to teams of dedicated staff and energized Orientation Mentors who are committed to making your orientation one to remember.

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information
SHO TIME students posing at the We Are statue

SHO TIME Modules

SHO TIME Modules will be available to all new Scholars on Monday, August 15. The modules will introduce you to the Schreyer Learning Outcomes and highlight key information and resources that will help you succeed as a Scholar at Penn State. Please be sure to complete all modules prior to SHO TIME.

To access your SHO TIME Modules, log-in to Canvas with your Penn State username and password. Once logged in, select SHO TIME Modules from the dashboard.

Complete SHO TIME Modules

SHO TIME Schedule

Please note that SHO TIME schedules listed below are subject to change. If you have questions or an orientation conflict (i.e. Blue Band or other orientation program), please contact us at shotime@psu.edu.

Select your SHO TIME schedule below based on your entry into the College and your location.

Arrival Day and Check-In

Welcome to Penn State! Check in at the Bryce Jordan Center to receive your room key and instructions regarding move-in.

SHO TIME Registration and Check-In

Get your SHO TIME started and receive important information about orientation when you check-in at Thomas Building.

Welcome to Schreyer

Enjoy quality time with family as you prepare to begin SHO TIME with your Orientation Mentors.

Parents and Families Information Session

Join Patrick T. Mather, Dean of the Schreyer Honors College, and Cyndy Hill, Director of the Penn State Parents Program, for information sessions designed specifically for parents and families.

Meet Your Mentor

Get ready to begin a one-of-a-kind orientation experience with unique orientation activities led by SHO TIME Mentors.

Blue-White Spirit Dinner

Chef Stéphane Gawlowicz welcomes all new Scholars to one of several dining halls on campus for a special evening of entrees, game-day cookies, and ice cream!

Explore Penn State Campus Recreation Facilities

After dinner, explore the Wellness Lab as you prepare for the next SHO TIME event.

Schreyer First Night: Playfair

Prepare to participate in a SHO TIME tradition with this interactive orientation activity!


A long-standing tradition in the Schreyer Honors College is an event we call "Donuts with the Dean", and it's a terrific opportunity to mingle with new Scholars and staff. Join Dean Mather, your SHO TIME Mentors, and staff for a buffet of hot and cold entrees (and donuts!) to start your day.

Dean's Convocation

Dean Mather will welcome all new Scholars to the Honors College community as he shares the history of honors at Penn State and the mission and vision of the College.

Shaping Your Success in Schreyer: Part 1

Learn more about shaping your success as a Scholar in the first part of our presentation. Dr. Zaryab Iqbal, associate dean, will offer advice and guidance on how to navigate through your first year as a Scholar at Penn State.

SHO TIME Mentor Meet Up
  • 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Enjoy a brief "mindful moment" before engaging in guided group discussions and activities with your SHO TIME Mentors.

Grab N' Go Lunch

Take advantage of a popular sustainability initiative and learn more about sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives on campus. Select your favorite lunch options in a "sustainable container" that you can reuse. Penn State ID+ Card required.

Shaping Your Success in Schreyer: Part 2

Join us for the second part of our presentation on shaping your success as a Scholar. Penn State faculty and Honors College staff will offer advice on how to navigate your first year as a Scholar at Penn State.

SHO TIME Mentor Meet Up
  • 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Enjoy a brief "mindful moment" before engaging in guided group discussions and activities with your SHO TIME Mentors.

Finding Your Why: How Your Engagement Matters

Get ready to be an active participant in this lively conversation about your journey in Schreyer. Explore the importance of personal values and learn more about leadership and engagement on campus and in the Honors College community.

SHO TIME Mentor Meet Up
  • 4:45 PM - 5:15 PM
  • Designated Room Assignments (See Name Badge)

Enjoy a brief "mindful moment" before engaging in guided group discussions and activities with your SHO TIME Mentors.

International Smorgasboard and Project 2026: Letter to Future Self

Enjoy a variety of international entrees and desserts prepared by Chef Stépahne!

The Brain Show

This SHO TIME tradition is a big hit with Scholars and offers all the fun and excitement of a TV game show. This is a great opportunity to test your knowledge and wit on a variety of subjects, including fun facts about Penn State and Schreyer Honors College.

SHO TIME Social and Photobooth

Relax and unwind as you explore and tour one of the most popular buildings on campus.

Welcome and Dean's Convocation
  • 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Zoom

Learn more about the history of the College and how you can apply your leadership experiences to shape your success in Schreyer.

Shaping Your Success in Schreyer
  • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Zoom

Learn more about shaping your academic success as a Scholar. Dr. Zaryab Iqbal, Penn State faculty, and Honors College staff will offer advice and guidance on how to navigate through your first year as a Scholar at Penn State.

Finding Your Why in Schreyer
  • 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Zoom

An opportunity to develop personal growth, professional readiness and to define areas of social impact and civic engagement.

Mentor-Guided Conversations in Breakout Rooms
  • 8:00 PM - 8:15 PM
  • Zoom

Connect informally with SHO TIME Orientation Mentors and student leaders in Schreyer and engage in a lively discussion about community and civic engagement. What are you most passionate about and why?

Question and Answer Session
  • 8:15 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Zoom

Registration and Check-In

New Schreyer Scholar Networking Brunch

Welcome to the Schreyer Honors College community. Enjoy a delicious brunch with a variety of pastries and fruit options. Enjoy special exhibits and displays of Scholar research.

Dean's Convocation

Join Dean Patrick T. Mather to learn more about the history of the College and how you can apply your leadership experiences to shape your success in Schreyer. Associate Dean Dr. Zaryab Iqbal will also be on hand with a special welcome message for new second- and third-year Scholars.

Shaping Your Success in Schreyer

Learn more about shaping your academic success as a Scholar. Dr. Zaryab Iqbal, Penn State faculty, and Honors College staff will offer advice and guidance on how to navigate through your first year as a Scholar at Penn State.

SHO TIME Mentor Meet Up

Meet with SHO TIME Mentors and others for small group breakout discussions.

All Scholar Involvement Fair Picnic
FreshStart Day of Service
Founders Day
  • September 9
  • TBD
  • TBD
Research Workshops for First-Year Scholars
Research Workshops for Second- and Third-Year Scholars

Let Scholars Be Your Guide Orientation Mentors

From the moment you arrive on campus, you'll be greeted, taught, encouraged, and led by nearly 100 returning Scholars, who have spent months preparing to be your SHO TIME Orientation Mentors. They're excited to share with you what they've learned during their time at Penn State and in the Honors College.

Executive Committee

Sara Jimenez Rincon headshot
Sara Jimenez Rincon Public Health (MPH) Biobehavioral Health (BS) Nutritional Sciences (BS) she/her/hers sbj5283@psu.edu
Aviral Malhotra headshot
Aviral Malhotra Finance (BS) he/him/his axm6321@psu.edu

Arrival Committee

Sophia Briseno headshot
Sophia Briseno Sply Chain/Info Syst (BS) she/her/hers sab6923@psu.edu
Katelyn Farrar headshot
Katelyn Farrar Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS) she/her/hers kjf5556@psu.edu
Lia Gerboc headshot
Lia Gerboc Biology (BS) she/her/hers lng5172@psu.edu
Emma Khoury headshot
Emma Khoury Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers emk5948@psu.edu
Dev Lochan headshot
Dev Lochan Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) he/him/his dql5550@psu.edu
Owen Nasal headshot
Owen Nasal Science (PMAJ) he/him/his omn5039@psu.edu
Natasha Nybro headshot
Natasha Nybro Accounting (MACC) Accounting (BS) she/her/hers nrn5091@psu.edu
Teresa Ousey headshot
Teresa Ousey Public Policy (MPP) Political Science (BA) Criminology (BA) she/her/hers tko5104@psu.edu
Rishika Patil headshot
Rishika Patil Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers rrp5322@psu.edu
Sarah Pendleton headshot
Sarah Pendleton Chemistry (BS) she/her/hers sip5224@psu.edu
Samantha Powell headshot
Samantha Powell Economics (BS) she/her/hers sap5933@psu.edu

Civic Engagement Committee

Sacha Hesse Smith headshot
Sacha Hesse Smith Corp Innov & Entrep (BS) she/her/hers aih5456@psu.edu
Aayod Kaul headshot
Aayod Kaul Mech Engr - Univ Park (BS) he/him/his ajk6826@psu.edu
Joseph Mast headshot
Joseph Mast Industrial Engr (BS) he/him/his jlm7935@psu.edu
Akshay Pai headshot
Akshay Pai Business Admin (PMAJ) he/him/his agp5326@psu.edu
Karoline Roettger headshot
Karoline Roettger Chemical Engineering (BS) she/her/hers kar6408@psu.edu
Samantha Sellmann headshot
Samantha Sellmann Psychology (BS) she/her/hers ses6443@psu.edu
Srikar Sunil headshot
Srikar Sunil Business Admin (PMAJ) he/him/his ses6386@psu.edu
Anirudh Venkatesh headshot
Anirudh Venkatesh Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) he/him/his abv5246@psu.edu
Hannah Waldt headshot
Hannah Waldt Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers hmw5459@psu.edu

Communications Committee

James Alamia headshot
James Alamia Chemical Engineering (BS) jva5737@psu.edu
Daniel Bransfield headshot
Daniel Bransfield Public Policy (MPP) Political Science (BA) he/him/his dpb5656@psu.edu
John Howard headshot
John Howard Biology (BS) he/him/his jmh7598@psu.edu
Sarah Kircher headshot
Sarah Kircher Mathematics (BS) she/her/hers shk5178@psu.edu
Jacqueline Kiszka headshot
Jacqueline Kiszka Meteo & Atmosph Scnce (BS) she/her/hers jmk7074@psu.edu
Arthur LaBan headshot
Arthur LaBan History (BA) Political Science (BA) he/him/his aml7151@psu.edu
Rory Murphy headshot
Rory Murphy Rehab & Human Srvces (BS) she/her/hers rvm5731@psu.edu
Emily Sanchez headshot
Emily Sanchez Biomedical Engneerng (BS) she/her/hers efs5549@psu.edu
Katherine Seidel headshot
Katherine Seidel Earth & Mineral Sci (PMAJ) she/her/hers kjs6865@psu.edu
Mary Wilson headshot
Mary Wilson Mech Engr - Univ Park (BS) she/her/hers mkw5763@psu.edu

Community Relations Committee

Casey Capetola headshot
Casey Capetola Computer Science (BS) he/him/his cac6748@psu.edu
McKenna Fox headshot
McKenna Fox Biological Engr (BS) she/they mgf5186@psu.edu
Katharine Getz headshot
Katharine Getz Chemical Engineering (BS) she/her/hers ksg5336@psu.edu
Maggie Hieber headshot
Maggie Hieber Psychology (BS) Statistics (BS) meh6053@psu.edu
Gabe Hiestand headshot
Gabe Hiestand Environmntl Sys Engr (BS) he/him/his gph5144@psu.edu
Maxwell Ralph headshot
Maxwell Ralph Journalism (BA) he/him/his mdr5616@psu.edu
Levi Showalter headshot
Levi Showalter Plant Sciences (BS) he/him/his lzs5616@psu.edu
Maria Smereka headshot
Maria Smereka Biology (BS) Spanish (BA) she/her/hers mis6018@psu.edu
Megan Swift headshot
Megan Swift Journalism (BA) she/her/hers mfs5761@psu.edu
Ziping Ye headshot
Ziping Ye Computer Science (BS) zpy5101@psu.edu
Jordan Yerger headshot
Jordan Yerger Biobehavioral Health (BS) Psychology (BS) she/her/hers jey5116@psu.edu

Logistics Committee

Ian Balaratna headshot
Ian Balaratna Mech Engr - Univ Park (BS) ifb5063@psu.edu
Wyatt Fink headshot
Wyatt Fink Engineering Science (BS) he/him/his waf5109@psu.edu
Alyssa Galban headshot
Alyssa Galban Elem & Erly Chld Ed (BS) she/her/hers aag5649@psu.edu
Maria Giarrusso headshot
Maria Giarrusso Envirn Resource Mgmt (BS) she/her/hers mqg5851@psu.edu
Emilie Horton headshot
Emilie Horton Div of Ug Studies (PMAJ) she/her/hers egh5219@psu.edu
Andrew Kacala headshot
Andrew Kacala Science (PMAJ) he/him/his ajk6410@psu.edu
Jennifer Miller headshot
Jennifer Miller Statistics (BS) Psychology (BS) she/her/hers jjm7603@psu.edu
Hannah Mirshahi headshot
Hannah Mirshahi Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers hsm5182@psu.edu
Eric Mole headshot
Eric Mole Chemistry (BS) he/him/his ejm6112@psu.edu
Matthew Visomirski headshot
Matthew Visomirski Science (PMAJ) he/him/his mav5583@psu.edu
Ryan White headshot
Ryan White Biomedical Engneerng (BS) rfw5245@psu.edu
Marisa Williamson headshot
Marisa Williamson Biomedical Engneerng (BS) she/her/hers mkw5615@psu.edu
Schreyer Scholar Alison Roby

The Schreyer Integrated Undergraduate Graduate program allowed me to pursue a master’s degree while finishing my bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. Extending my commitment to research allowed me to confirm my desire for a career as a physician scientist.

Alison Roby ' 18 Bioengineering

Welcome First-Year Students Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information