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Welcome All New Scholars Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)

Congratulations and welcome to the Schreyer Honors community. Your orientation journey begins with an introduction to the College's mission and vision and to teams of dedicated staff and energized Orientation Mentors who are committed to making your orientation one to remember.

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information
Nittany Lion Shrine in the spring

SHO Modules

The SHO TIME modules will introduce you to the Schreyer Learning Outcomes and highlight key information and resources that will help you succeed in Schreyer. Please be sure to complete all modules prior to SHO TIME.

To access your SHO Modules, log-in to Canvas with your Penn State username and password. Once logged in, select SHO Modules from your dashboard.

Complete SHO Modules

SHO TIME Schedule

A preliminary SHO TIME 2022 schedule will be posted shortly. Please check back soon.

Orientation Conflicts

If you have an orientation conflict (Blue Band or other orientation program), please contact us immediately.

Let Scholars Be Your Guide Orientation Mentors

From the moment you arrive on campus, you'll be greeted, taught, encouraged, and led by nearly 100 returning Scholars, who have spent months preparing to be your SHO TIME Orientation Mentors. They're excited to share with you what they've learned during their time at Penn State and in the Honors College.

Executive Committee

Sara Jimenez Rincon headshot
Sara Jimenez Rincon Public Health (MPH) Biobehavioral Health (BS) Nutritional Sciences (BS) she/her/hers
Aviral Malhotra headshot
Aviral Malhotra Finance (BS) he/him/his

Arrival Committee

Sophia Briseno headshot
Sophia Briseno Business Admin (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Katelyn Farrar headshot
Katelyn Farrar Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS) she/her/hers
Lia Gerboc headshot
Lia Gerboc Biology (BS) she/her/hers
Emma Khoury headshot
Emma Khoury Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Dev Lochan headshot
Dev Lochan Science (PMAJ) he/him/his
Owen Nasal headshot
Owen Nasal Science (PMAJ) he/him/his
Natasha Nybro headshot
Natasha Nybro Accounting (MACC) Accounting (BS) she/her/hers
Teresa Ousey headshot
Teresa Ousey Public Policy (MPP) Political Science (BA) Criminology (BA) she/her/hers
Rishika Patil headshot
Rishika Patil Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Sarah Pendleton headshot
Sarah Pendleton Chemistry (BS) she/her/hers
Samantha Powell headshot
Samantha Powell Liberal Arts (PMAJ) she/her/hers

Civic Engagement Committee

Sacha Hesse Smith headshot
Sacha Hesse Smith Corp Innov & Entrep (BS) she/her/hers
Aayod Kaul headshot
Aayod Kaul Engr Premajor (PMAJ) he/him/his
Joseph Mast headshot
Joseph Mast Engr Premajor (PMAJ) he/him/his
Akshay Pai headshot
Akshay Pai Business Admin (PMAJ) he/him/his
Karoline Roettger headshot
Karoline Roettger Chemical Engineering (BS) she/her/hers
Samantha Sellmann headshot
Samantha Sellmann Liberal Arts (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Srikar Sunil headshot
Srikar Sunil Business Admin (PMAJ) he/him/his
Anirudh Venkatesh headshot
Anirudh Venkatesh Science (PMAJ) he/him/his
Hannah Waldt headshot
Hannah Waldt Biochem & Molec Biol (BS) she/her/hers

Communications Committee

James Alamia headshot
James Alamia Chemical Engineering (BS)
Daniel Bransfield headshot
Daniel Bransfield Political Science (BA) he/him/his
John Howard headshot
John Howard Biology (BS) he/him/his
Sarah Kircher headshot
Sarah Kircher Mathematics (BS) she/her/hers
Jacqueline Kiszka headshot
Jacqueline Kiszka Meteo & Atmosph Scnce (BS) she/her/hers
Arthur LaBan headshot
Arthur LaBan History (BA) Political Science (BA) he/him/his
Rory Murphy headshot
Rory Murphy Rehab & Human Srvces (BS) she/her/hers
Emily Sanchez headshot
Emily Sanchez Biomedical Engneerng (BS) she/her/hers
Katherine Seidel headshot
Katherine Seidel Earth & Mineral Sci (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Mary Wilson headshot
Mary Wilson Mech Engr - Univ Park (BS) she/her/hers

Community Relations Committee

Casey Capetola headshot
Casey Capetola Computer Science (BS) he/him/his
McKenna Fox headshot
McKenna Fox Engr Premajor (PMAJ) she/they
Katharine Getz headshot
Katharine Getz Engr Premajor (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Maggie Hieber headshot
Maggie Hieber Psychology (BS)
Gabe Hiestand headshot
Gabe Hiestand Environmntl Sys Engr (BS) he/him/his
Maxwell Ralph headshot
Maxwell Ralph Journalism (BA) he/him/his
Levi Showalter headshot
Levi Showalter Plant Sciences (BS) he/him/his
Maria Smereka headshot
Maria Smereka Biology (BS) Spanish (BA) she/her/hers
Megan Swift headshot
Megan Swift Journalism (BA) she/her/hers
Ziping Ye headshot
Ziping Ye Computer Sc & Engr (MS) Computer Science (BS)
Jordan Yerger headshot
Jordan Yerger Biobehavioral Health (BS) Psychology (BS) she/her/hers

Logistics Committee

Ian Balaratna headshot
Ian Balaratna Mech Engr - Univ Park (BS)
Wyatt Fink headshot
Wyatt Fink Engr Premajor (PMAJ) he/him/his
Alyssa Galban headshot
Alyssa Galban Education (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Maria Giarrusso headshot
Maria Giarrusso Biobehavioral Health (BS) she/her/hers
Emilie Horton headshot
Emilie Horton Div of Ug Studies (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Andrew Kacala headshot
Andrew Kacala Science (PMAJ) he/him/his
Jennifer Miller headshot
Jennifer Miller Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Hannah Mirshahi headshot
Hannah Mirshahi Science (PMAJ) she/her/hers
Eric Mole headshot
Eric Mole Chemistry (BS) he/him/his
Matthew Visomirski headshot
Matthew Visomirski Science (PMAJ) he/him/his
Ryan White headshot
Ryan White Biomedical Engneerng (BS)
Marisa Williamson headshot
Marisa Williamson Biomedical Engneerng (BS) she/her/hers
Schreyer Scholar Madison Evans

Schreyer gave me opportunities to take smaller classes where I’m learning enriched material. You can step out of your comfort zone and create your own path.

Madison Evans '20 Biomedical Engineering

Welcome First-Year Students Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME)

New Student Orientation (NSO) Arrival Information