Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Orientation Mentors

From the moment you arrive on campus for orientation until this year's SHO TIME comes to a close during the finale, you'll be greeted, taught, encouraged, and led by almost 100 returning Schreyer Scholars who have spent months preparing for their roles as SHO TIME Orientation Mentors. They're excited to share with you what they've learned during their time at Penn State and in the Honors College. Nothing like arriving for your first days at Penn State with new friends ready to help you get things off to a great start!

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Communications/Social Media

Lauren DeCastro headshot

Lauren DeCastro Team Leader Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS)

Alexander Palmer headshot

Alexander Palmer Team Leader Accounting (BS)German (BS)

Harrison Brennan headshot

Harrison Brennan Economics (BA)International Poltcs (BA)Philosophy (BA)

Mike Chan headshot

Mike Chan Engr Premajor (PMAJ)

Dan Cohen headshot

Dan Cohen Info Sciences & Tech (PMAJ)

Gabrielle Davidson headshot

Gabrielle Davidson Business Admin (PMAJ)

Emily Duddy headshot

Emily Duddy Education (PMAJ)

Erik Hall headshot

Erik Hall Health Policy/Admin (BS)

Megan Harris headshot

Megan Harris Communications (PMAJ)

Joshua Johnson headshot

Joshua Johnson Biobehavioral Health (BS)Nutritional Sciences (BS)

Bailey Klein headshot

Bailey Klein Biomedical Engneerng (BS)

Nicolette Nybro headshot

Nicolette Nybro Risk Management (BS)

Ben Wackerman headshot

Ben Wackerman Business Admin (PMAJ)

Taylor Yount headshot

Taylor Yount Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)

Communty Builders/Finale

Meghan McNicholas headshot

Meghan McNicholas Team Leader International Poltcs (BA)Fr & Francophone Std (BA)

Zachary Pettoruto headshot

Zachary Pettoruto Team Leader Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)

Salvatore Antonucci headshot

Salvatore Antonucci Business Admin (PMAJ)

Kaitlyn Bridge headshot

Kaitlyn Bridge Info Sciences & Tech (PMAJ)

Adwait Chafale headshot

Adwait Chafale Psychology (BS)

Mark Leone headshot

Mark Leone Biology (BS)

Ninad Mahajan headshot

Ninad Mahajan Biomedical Engneerng (BS)Mechanical Engr (BS)

Antoinette McFarland headshot

Antoinette McFarland Business Admin (PMAJ)

Lauren McNally headshot

Lauren McNally Nursing (BSN)

Ben Nasal headshot

Ben Nasal Science (PMAJ)

Stephanie Poly headshot

Stephanie Poly Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)

Jessica Santucci headshot

Jessica Santucci Science (PMAJ)

Sarah Vo headshot

Sarah Vo Biology (BS)

Nate Wilson headshot

Nate Wilson Science (PMAJ)

Billy Young headshot

Billy Young Finance (BS)


Ashley Morris headshot

Ashley Morris Team Leader Mathematics (BS)

Andrew Pei headshot

Andrew Pei Team Leader Chemical Engineering (BS)

Carly Siegle headshot

Carly Siegle Team Leader Secondary Education (BS)

Shravan Asthana headshot

Shravan Asthana Science (PMAJ)

Nicholas Birosik headshot

Nicholas Birosik Social Data Analytics (BS)

Erin Doolin headshot

Erin Doolin Political Science (BA)Criminology (BA)

Kate Frankenberg headshot

Kate Frankenberg Info Sciences & Tech (PMAJ)

Himavath Jois headshot

Himavath Jois Aerospace Engr (BS)

Eliza Mull headshot

Eliza Mull International Poltcs (BA)

Nicolas Myers headshot

Nicolas Myers Finance (BS)Economics (BS)

LuzKarla Rodriguez headshot

LuzKarla Rodriguez Vet & Biomedical Sc (BS)

Johnathan Tielsch headshot

Johnathan Tielsch Engr Premajor (PMAJ)

Thomas Torquato headshot

Thomas Torquato Engr Premajor (PMAJ)

Peyton Woodward headshot

Peyton Woodward Economics (BS)

Matthew Wozniak headshot

Matthew Wozniak Engr Premajor (PMAJ)

Sophia Yurkovetsky headshot

Sophia Yurkovetsky Engr Premajor (PMAJ)

Move-In & Arrival/Finale

Kyle McKelvey headshot

Kyle McKelvey Team Leader Architectural Engr (BAE)

Morgan Philips headshot

Morgan Philips Team Leader Classics/Anc Med Std (BA)

Caroline Anderson headshot

Caroline Anderson Engr Premajor (PMAJ)

Peggy Burke headshot

Peggy Burke Psychology (BS)

Nathan Gardner headshot

Nathan Gardner Engr Premajor (PMAJ)

Blake Greenspan headshot

Blake Greenspan Science (PMAJ)

Matt Lista headshot

Matt Lista Liberal Arts (PMAJ)

Emma Lutz headshot

Emma Lutz Glbl & Intrntl Studs (BA)

Jared Martin headshot

Jared Martin Engr Premajor (PMAJ)

Peri Newman headshot

Peri Newman Agriculture (PMAJ)

Sahil Patel headshot

Sahil Patel Economics (BS)Biochem & Molec Biol (BS)

James Qu headshot

James Qu Div of Ug Studies (PMAJ)

Casey Sennett headshot

Casey Sennett Anthropology (BA)Jewish Studies (BA)

Nora Van Horn headshot

Nora Van Horn Philosophy (BA)Chinese (BA)

Swati Vipperla headshot

Swati Vipperla Finance (BS)

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