The Next Step Graduate Schools

For many Scholars, their undergraduate experience is just the start of their academic pursuits. In 2020-21, 42% of our graduating class planned to enter graduate or professional school after graduation. Here is a breakdown of which degrees our graduates will be pursuing.

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Degree Percentage of Graduates
DO 1%
DVM 4%
JD 8%
MA/MS 37%
MBA 3%
MD or MD/PhD 4%
PhD 32%
Other 11%

Advanced Study Sampling of Grad Schools

Carnegie Mellon University logo
Carnegie Mellon University
Columbia University logo
Columbia University
Cornell University logo
Cornell University
Drexel University logo
Drexel University
Duke University logo
Duke University
Duquesne University logo
Duquesne University
George Washington University logo
George Washington University
Georgia Tech logo
Georgia Tech
Harvard University logo
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University logo
Johns Hopkins University
University of Maryland logo
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts Amherst logo
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) logo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
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University of Miami
University of Michigan logo
University of Michigan
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Michigan State University
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North Carolina State University
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Northwestern University
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Ohio State University
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University of Pennsylvania
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Penn State University
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University of Pittsburgh
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Princeton University
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Purdue University
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Rutgers University
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Stanford University
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University of Tennessee
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University of Texas at Austin
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Texas A&M University
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Villanova University
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University of Virginia
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Virginia Tech
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University of Washington
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University of Wisconsin Madison
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Yale University
Schreyer Scholar Siddhi Deshpande

Schreyer offers so many unique experiences and for me, a pre-med student, it was touring Weill Cornell Medicine. It made me feel like no matter what I wanted to do — no matter what my ambitions were — Schreyer found a way to make them possible by giving me the support and foundation and outlet to pursue them.

Siddhi Deshpande ' 22 Neurobiology

The Next Step Grad Schools

Employers Other Outcomes