Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Graduate School Outcomes

For many Schreyer Scholars, their undergraduate experience is just the start of their academic pursuits. In 2016-17, almost 38% of our senior class planned to enter graduate or professional school after graduation. Below is a breakdown of which degrees our graduates will be pursuing:

2016-17 Graduate School outcomes
Outcome Percentage of Scholars
DVM 4%
JD 1%
MA/MS 41%
MBA 0%
MD 14%
PhD 40%

Sampling of Graduate Schools

University of California, Berkeley logo

University of California, Berkeley

University of Chicago logo

University of Chicago

Columbia University logo

Columbia University

Cornell University logo

Cornell University

Duke University logo

Duke University

Harvard University logo

Harvard University

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University of Illinois

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University of Michigan

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New York University (NYU)

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Northwestern University

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Ohio State University

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University of Oregon

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Oregon State University

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Princeton University

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Purdue University

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Stanford University

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Texas A&M University

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TU Delft (Denmark)

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Vanderbilt University

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Yale University

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