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Where Our Graduates Go

Start here. End up … where?

Scholars after graduation

It's a good question to ask when you are considering colleges and trying to figure out how to get ready for your future.

For Schreyer Scholars, graduating with honors from Penn State opens up a world of opportunity — Scholar alumni can be found on six of the seven continents working, serving, and learning.

Among our most recent graduates, you'll find Scholar alumni enrolled at top-tier graduate schools, employed by leaders in commerce and industry, and engaged in some of the country's most esteemed public service initiatives.

So, where do you go from here?

You decide where you want to go, and the Schreyer Honors College will help you get there.

Recent Graduates

Where did our recent Scholar graduates go?

2018-19 Graduate Outcomes

Our 2018-19 outcomes are collected from surveys completed by Summer ’18, Fall ’18, and Spring ’19 graduates. 488 students responded to our survey out of 489 graduates, for a response rate of 99.9%. The surveys were last collected in May 2019.

2018-19 Scholar graduate outcomes
Outcome Percentage of Scholars
Industry/Workforce 53%
Graduate School 41%
Other 6%

Five and Ten Year Outcomes

The Schreyer Honors College tradition of academic excellence follows our Scholars well into their futures. Review the breakdown of post-baccalaureate degrees obtained by Scholars five and ten years after they've graduated from the honors college.

Degree Number of Ten Year Graduates (2007-08) Number of Five Year Graduates (2012-13)
Masters 143 116
MBA 23 3
Doctorate 50 3
Medical 52 30
Law 39 23

Bar graph showing 5 and 10 year Schreyer Scholar graduate outcomes

41% of Five Year Graduates earned an advanced degree (170 of the 414 graduates)
54% of the Ten Year Graduates earned an advanced degree (275 of the 507 graduates)

Note: Some graduates earned more than one degree.

The five and ten year outcomes project was initiated by SHC Career Services Coordinator Lisa Kerchinski, data was compiled by Alex Yin, senior planning and research associate from the Penn State Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment, in collaboration with Brittani Wyskocil, a graduate of the Penn State College Student Affairs program. All data was collected from the National Student Clearinghouse to create a complete and accurate picture of the paths our Scholars took in post-baccalaurete work.

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