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The Schreyer Honors College welcomes over 300 exceptional upperclassmen Penn State students through the Gateway application process each year. These students prove their merit to their home academic colleges, usually through success in the classroom and hard work and promise as researchers; in turn, their colleges sponsor them to become Penn State's newest Schreyer Scholars. Unfortunately, these hard working Gateway Scholars do not receive the same benefit of the Academic Excellence Scholarship that is provided to those students admitted as incoming freshmen.

With the help of our alumni, parents, and friends, we intend to provide financial assistance to more students who worked hard and earned admission to the Schreyer Honors College as upperclassmen. While these students are able to take advantage of Schreyer travel, research and internship grants, scholarship support is not as readily available. It is important that the Schreyer Honors College is able to support any student who enters through the gateway. Your gift will help some of our hardest working Scholars focus on the things that made them exceptional students in the first place — coursework, service projects, or research — rather than financial need. They have demonstrated their readiness to make a difference in the classroom and beyond. Please join with us to stand by them with scholarship support that they truly deserve.

"Being able to enter into the Schreyer Honors College through the gateway was an amazing opportunity to prove to myself, to prove to my family and prove to my friends and teachers that I was capable of being an honors student and was capable being the best version of myself."

- Julia Sykes '16

Recent metrics have shown that Gateway Scholars have greater financial need than those who enter as a freshman – making your gift that much more significant and meaningful to a Gateway scholar. You can make a difference in the lives of committed Gateway Schreyer Scholars today. Please consider making a gift to help these hard working students.

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