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Every Scholar performs research or completes a creative project. Some Scholars need just $300 for lab supplies or study participant incentives, while others need more to travel to work with top scientists or collect data in the field. The undergraduate research Schreyer Scholars conduct often sets them on a path for career and graduate school success. It enables them to make the most of their education and, in many cases, even have their research published.

Last year, our alumni, parents and friends supported our Scholars in a huge way. They enabled 52 Scholars to receive funding to complete their research, an important requirement for every graduating Scholar. Receiving an average grant of just $296, our Scholars completed amazing work that set them on a path for career and graduate school success.

Student projects included:

  • Abnormalities in Post-Cranial Development in Mice with Apert's Syndrome
  • Adaptation of a Parallel Plate Perfusion Chamber to Allow the Study of Thrombus Deposition Under a Range of Flow Conditions on a Variety of Biomaterial Surfaces in Order to Develop Safter Cadiac Devices
  • Certified Nursing Assistants' Knowledge of Communication Disorders Frequently Found Within the Population of Nursing Home Residents
  • Comedy Industry Changes in Recent Decades: Shifts in Media Consumption and Technology, and Social Change Within the Feminist Movement
  • Culturally Framed Insight into Diabetes Comprehension, Management, and Prevention Among Haitian Immigrants in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C.
  • Development of Analysis Tools for the Dark Matter Search Applies Computational Physics and Astrophysics Research Techniques to the Dark Matter Enigma
  • Developmental Validation Studies to Evaluate Implementing Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Profiles in Forensic DNA Laboratories
  • Dynamic Response of Pedestrian Suspension Bridges as Measured Against Human Safety Perception Criteria
  • Eating Behavior and the Psychological Factors Behind the Choices People Make When Deciding What to Eat; and Determinants of Diet Behaviors Across the Life Course
  • Effects of Various Leadership Styles on Patient Satisfaction, Quality of Care, and Financial Outcomes in Critical Access Hospitals
  • Effects that the Life Cycle Change that Occurs During Menopause on Political Ideology
  • Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance on Semiconductor Dielectric Materials for Use in Computer Chip Design
  • Evaluating the Use of a Handgrip Dynamometer in a Kenyan Health Program to Improve Pre-Primary Health Care, Healthcare Worker Livelihood, and to Explore Future Handgrip Dynamometer Applications
  • Examination of Charging Efficiency using Gallium Nitride Devices in the Design of the Electronic Circuit
  • Examination of Jamaican Music: How Natives of Portland, Jamaica Teach, Value, and Create an Authentic Performance through the Lens of Teaching Music in the US Classroom
  • Field-Intensive Research Culminating in Facilities Visit and Meetings with Industry Experts at Large Amusement/Entertainment Park
  • Field-Intensive Research in Costa Rica with both Faculty-Led and Independent Research Projects, Including the Following Topics: Ecology, Evolution, and Population Biology of Local Plants and Animals
  • Field-Intensive Research on Health Care in Costa Rica, with Policy Makers, Physicians, and Other Providers of Care, as well as Administrators
  • Film Documentary on Experts of and Individuals Directly Affected by New Jersey's Public Health Care Policies
  • Flexural Strength of a Concrete Beam with a Layer of Fiber Reinforcement
  • Honey Bee Immune Response to Bacterial Pathogen, American Foul Brood
  • How Do "College Talks" Affect Elementary School Students' Perceptions of College and Relationships Between College and Self, if at all?
  • How Undergraduate Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders in Pennsylvania are Incorporating Cultural Content into their Curriculum
  • Impact of Stereotypes on an Individual's Perception of the Competence of Asian Americans
  • Impacts of Applying Phosphorus-Rich Mushroom Compost as a Soil Amendment to Reclaimed Mine Soil
  • Improving Diabetes Management and Resulting Diabetes Death and Disability Among Senegalese Individuals
  • Methods Marketers Can Use to Increase Brand Equity with Music
  • Multiculturalism and its Importance in Classrooms: An Examination of Children's Books
  • Paper Presentation at American Association of Cancer Research
  • Paper Presentation at American Society of Mammologists
  • Paper Presentation at Symposium on Child Language Disorders
  • Performing Research on Organic Synthesis
  • Qualitative Study to Obtain Consumer Insights as to the Usage of Service Charge in the Restaurant Industry
  • Science Students Perceptions of the Health Care Field
  • Students' Perceptions of the Short- and Long-Term Impact of Their Experiences Studying Abroad
  • Study of a Series of Northern Tree Species Growing in a Tundra Environment, and the Continued Success of these Species Despite Tundra Conditions
  • Study of Thrombus Formation in a Backwards-Facing Step Model, to Mimic Common Geometries that are Found in Cardiovascular Assist Devices
  • Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research, Specifically Focusing on Intensive Longitudinal Data, Key to Research and Graduate School Opportunities
  • Survey to Pennsylvania Elementary School Band Directors to Determine What Methods They Use to Place Students on Band Instruments, Examining Methodology, Priorities and Values
  • The Effect of Moment Arm Length on Torque Production
  • The Effects of a High-Fat Meal on Inflammation
  • The Impact/Role Nurses and Other Clinical Staff Have on Patient Length of Stay, Specifically Among Patients with Chronic Conditions
  • The Interaction of the Hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone-Sulfate (DHEA-S) and Caffeine After an Acute Stress Event, as Studied in Individuals with a Family History of Hypertension
  • The Role of Sphingolipid Enzymes on Multiple Sclerosis
  • The Secularization of America and How it is Affecting the Human Identity and the Built Environment
  • The Socioeconomic and Health Impacts of the Development of Natural Gas from Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, as well as the Ethics of These Impacts
  • The Validation of Hemodynamic (Blood Pressure and Cardiac Output) Measurement Methods in Insulin-Independent Diabetics
  • Training a Deep RBM-Based Network for Object Detection
  • Understanding Auditory Processing Disorders: The Relationships Between Attention and Memory and Auditory Processing
  • Using Experimental Games to Define a More Accurate Model of Economic Game Theory in the Real World
  • Vibration Analysis of Machinery that Simulates the Performance of Fracking Equipment Under Various Conditions
  • Virality and How Products Spead in Different Cultures and Environments

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