Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I submit letters of recommendation?

Applicants will include e-mail addresses of their recommenders. We will send an e-mail to the recommenders with instructions on how to electronically submit letters. We do not accept letters of recommendation via Naviance, e-mail or hard copies included with the transcript.

What is the difference between the early November 30 deadline and the final deadline of December 20?

The November 30 deadline includes the opportunity for applicants to participate in an admissions interview. This option is not available to applicants after that date. There is no difference in the application review process.

Does Schreyer Honors College offer early decision?

No, neither Penn State nor Schreyer Honors College offers early decision. All applicants offered admission have until May 1 to accept their offer.

Do you conduct admissions interviews on campus?

Our alumni throughout the country and around the world conduct interviews regionally. Online interviews are also available if an in-person interview is not available within a reasonable distance.

Does Schreyer Honors College track level of interest from applicants?

No, we do not keep track of an applicant's contact with us.

Does Schreyer Honors College have a quota of applicants they can admit from each high school or into each academic college?

No, we do not limit our admitted class by either of these criteria. If an applicant comes through our admissions review as a qualified applicant, they will be offered admission.

Do you accept mid-year senior grades?

No, our academic review includes courses completed from grades 9-11. We do not require mid-year senior grades. Penn State Undergraduate Admissions does not review mid-year grades.

I have a student who wants to submit supplemental information that cannot be included in your web application. What do you recommend?

We will not accept supplemental information via U.S. mail, fax or e-mail. We recommend that the applicant post supplemental information to a web site and include the URL in the application materials.

I have students who would like to begin working on their applications before September 1 (when the application is live). What do you suggest?

The application does not go live until September 1 of each year, but we do publish three essay questions every July. This gives rising seniors the chance to begin working on the essay part of the application during the summer when they might have more time.

Do you offer campus visits and overnight stays for prospective students?

Yes, we do offer three different visitation days through the year, in the spring, summer and fall. These are planned specifically for high school students interested in learning more about the Schreyer Honors College.

A separate program is available to students who are offered admission, including the opportunity for out-of-state students to spend the night with a current Scholar and attend classes. More information is provided once the offer of admission is made.

Information about visiting Penn State is available on the Penn State Undergraduate Admissions Office web site.

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