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When you hire Scholars or Scholar alumni, you gain employees who are not just innovative thinkers and academic powerhouses — they also have a sense of how their lives and work fit into the world, they have volunteered in their communities and abroad, and they have actively engaged in their own leadership development. Your next great hire is right here at the Schreyer Honors College.

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Schreyer Scholars collaborating on a project

Tap Into Top Talent Motivated, Prepared Leaders

Scholars possess the intellectual capital, skills, and qualities required to help your organization achieve its goals.


Scholars serve as leaders across campus, in the local community, and as volunteers across the globe. They effectively work with others while learning how to lead, delegate, motivate, and follow.

Critical Thinking

Our Scholars accept challenges and offer new solutions that will improve their communities. They treat the world as their laboratory — analyzing and applying their research to real-life situations.


The ability to plan is essential for Scholars. They must complete an honors thesis which requires extensive research, analysis and problem-solving skills. They also demonstrate a strong work ethic and dedication to academic excellence as exemplified by a minimum 3.5 GPA for over 98% of the graduating class.


Participating in limited-size classes with challenging professors forces our Scholars to hone their communications skills. They must interact and collaborate with others in their classes and participate in critical discussion. Outside of the classroom, they work and conduct research alongside faculty, graduate students, alumni, and staff.

Global Perspective

Through the Honors College's signature study abroad programs and service-learning opportunities, Scholars get multiple opportunities to experience foreign countries and cultures. They also develop intellectual discourse based on intercultural understanding.

A Spectrum of Outcomes Where Our Graduates Go

The Schreyer Honors College experience opens up a world of opportunity — from top-tier graduate and professional programs to employment by leaders in commerce and industry.

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Schreyer Scholar Blake Greenspan

My favorite part of Schreyer is all the connections I've established and made. I've met so many awesome people. I feel like I fit in here.

Blake Greenspan ' 22 Premedicine, Political Science

Hire at Schreyer Employers

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