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World in View: Sustainable Leadership in a Dynamic World: Best Practices from Sport, Emergency Professions, Performing Arts, & Air Force

  • Thursday, February 17, 2022
  • 3:30 PM- 4:45 PM
  • Zoom link will be provided

A World in View discussion led by Dr. Andrew P. Friesen (Penn State) and Dr. Aman Hussain (University of Winnipeg, Canada)

The challenges that we collectively face (e.g., social justice, climate change, global health, good governance) will require massively coordinated efforts if we are to overcome them. Peoples’ efforts will need to be united; institutions will need vision; programs will need interdisciplinary collaboration. The responsibility of these coordinated efforts will fall on our leaders. But only with a vision of what transformational or servant leadership looks like, can our future leaders attain sustainable success in these endeavors. Transformational leadership is marked by the recognition that leaders serve as a primary role model for their followers, the ability to convey a compelling vision to followers that embraces challenges, the encouragement of creativity to solve problems, and the individualized consideration of each team member. The purpose of our discussion is to provide a platform to discuss sustainable leadership practices.

Our discussion will be informed by knowledge generated from both recent research and by experiential learning from the applied practice by both faculty members. We use examples of transformational leadership as demonstrated by leaders in fields such as the emergency professions (e.g., firefighters & paramedics), the performing arts, military air forces, and our own Penn State Athletics coaches. Students can expect to learn leadership principles that can apply to any team setting. The discussion will have an extremely broad appeal that can apply to students from all disciplines tackling any topic of global importance whereby coordinated efforts are vital to sustained success. Please view the video linked below prior to the discussion.

Andrew Friesen is an Assistant Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, Berks campus, Andrew teaches sport, exercise, and performance psychology to the next generation of professionals in the field of kinesiology. He has a research expertise in emotional intelligence and the applied practice of sport psychology. Andrew has been a member of numerous integrated sports science teams with several national sport programs across a wide range of sports in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and USA. These sports include hockey, baseball, softball, taekwondo, basketball, volleyball, synchronized swimming, swimming, lacrosse, golf, archery, racquetball, tennis, badminton, and figure skating. He is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. 

Aman Hussain is Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Winnipeg, Canada. His research is focused on learning and performance of emergency physicians. Other research interests include high stress professions, performing arts, leadership, post-graduate medical education and qualitative research methods. Dr. Hussain received his PhD. from the University of Queensland.

Please note: Registration for events in this series is required and, given the topics and speakers, we anticipate interest to be high. Event is limited to 25 students with preference to Schreyer Scholars; early registration is strongly encouraged. To enhance your online engagement experience, video presence is strongly encouraged and recommended. Scholar attendees will receive a complimentary electronic gift card.

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