Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Beaver Stadium: How Did it Come to Be?

  • Date 11/16/17
  • Time 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Location Grandfather Clock Lounge, Atherton Hall

Please join Dr. Harry West, professor emeritus, of Civil and Environmental Engineering, as he presents a dynamic talk that traces where Penn State football has been played from the first home game on the Old Main lawn on November 19, 1887 to the present time. The first 50 guests will receive a free poster of Beaver Stadium upon arrival.

The sequential development of the first “Beaver Field”, “New Beaver Field”, and the present “Beaver Stadium” is captured through a rich series of photographs and supporting information showing the evolution from a wooden grandstand and bleacher arrangement, with a combined capacity of 500, to the sophisticated stadium of today, which is the second largest college stadium in the country, seating nearly 110,000.

The emphasis is on the changes that have occurred since the 1940s, during which time “New Beaver Field” went from a rather modest steel structure, with a capacity of some 14,000, to its present configuration. All of the structure that supported those 14,000 seats remains a part of today’s stadium, but it has been moved and reshaped, and the entire structure has undergone several expansions that involved significant engineering challenges. As a result of the most recent expansion Beaver Stadium is no longer a big grandstand, but a building with many of the enhancements that are standard in today’s most modern stadiums.

Light snacks provided and an autographed copy of the book “Lair of the Lion” authored by Lee Stout and Harry H. West will be given to one lucky guest at the end of the program.

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