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Society of Distinguished Alumni Mentor Application

  • Date 05/10/19
  • Location Atherton Hall

The Society of Distinguished Alumni Mentoring Program is a unique opportunity that matches Schreyer Scholars with members of Penn State's Society of Distinguished Alumni.

The goals of the program are to provide Distinguished Alumni and Schreyer Scholars the chance to develop a mutually rewarding one-on-one mentoring relationship; to give Schreyer Scholars the opportunity to interact and benefit from personal and career goals of Penn State Distinguished Alumni; to provide opportunities for Schreyer Scholars to receive first-hand information about reaching their personal and professional goals; to offer Distinguished Alumni a unique opportunity to connect with Penn State University; and to foster and nurture the potential of talented and committed student leaders.

What former mentees are saying about the program:

“The SDA mentoring program has been an incredible experience! I am very grateful to be able to participate in the program, as the knowledge and advice we are getting out of it is unparalleled.” – Hannah Lombardo

“This mentoring program has definitely made me more optimistic about my future career as my mentor has taught me that we are never locked into the first career that we choose. There is always room for mobility and change.” – Rachel Hooker

“The Society of Distinguished Alumni Mentoring program motivated me to think forward into the future beyond the realm of Happy Valley. Getting the chance to tap into the tremendous network of Penn State alumni has truly rounded out my college experience in such an enriching, impactful way.” --Colleen McBride

Complete the online application and submit a current resume to Ms. Donna L. Meyer, director of student programs, by May 10, 2019. Scholars must be in good academic standing and on campus for the fall semester to attend orientation program, panel discussion and brunch program. Scholars graduating in summer or fall 2019 are not eligible to apply.

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Cost: Free


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