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DHFP: Jazz and the Art of Relationships: Finding Your Voice

  • Thursday, November 4, 2021
  • 6:30 PM
  • C9
Good relationships are the key factor in success, whether in business, science, medicine, arts and humanities, or the myriad of fields that folks go into. Jazz is a powerful art form for learning how to create good relationships, because its musicians have to communicate and negotiate their agendas with each other, on the bandstand night after night. In this session, we will examine fundamental aspects of human communication, as they unfold in jazz, and apply them to our own lives, fields, and endeavors. This event will focus on finding and developing one’s VOICE as a communicator, how one’s background and worldview shapes their voice, and how to live and communicate authentically. Come on out for some cool music and conversation!
Schreyer Scholar Hannah Lombardo

With their small size and engaging professors, the hallmark feature of honors classes is being able to facilitate the deeper and more meaningful learning of course material in an intimate setting. Having that personal feedback in an environment that promotes asking questions has been very formative in my education.

Hannah Lombardo '20 Science BS/MBA

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