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DHFP: Zoom with a Language-Trained Bonobo

  • Thursday, December 2, 2021
  • 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM
  • C9 Atherton Hall
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet (virtually) a language-trained bonobo. Kanzi and his friends (colleagues?) are located at the Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative in Iowa where they have several acres to roam and are well kept. Learn about the ape language projects of yore as well as topics in contemporary comparative research whose goal is to determine the evolutionary roots of humankind’s impressive cognitive abilities.
Schreyer Scholar Alison Roby

The Schreyer Honors College allows its students to reach their full potential and challenges them to be even better. More importantly, when we achieve our dreams, we have a fantastic community behind us that wants to celebrate our accomplishments along with us.

Alison Roby '18 Bioengineering

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