Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Student studying abroad in Argentina


If there's one word that keeps coming up when Schreyer Scholars talk about the Schreyer experience, it's opportunity.

"There are so many opportunities in Schreyer to get involved, to travel, and to just experience things."

"There is opportunity around every corner. The faculty, the staff, the students — everyone is looking to help you and to give you just an unpatrolled, wonderful college experience."

"Here you will find so many opportunities to succeed not only at Penn State but for your entire life."

The opportunities extend beyond the classroom.

To where you live.

To what interests you pursue.

To how you connect with fellow Scholars.

To building a network with Scholar Alumni.

To beginning to develop your career.

Opportunities in Schreyer in the life at Schreyer.

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