A University Commitment Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The world is a big and diverse place, full of people with different political views, social experiences, religious convictions, and personal backgrounds. In order to make lasting change, we need to be full and complete citizens of our global community. In practice this means many things, including developing and fostering a diverse community, making available to our students transformational experiences, and teaching critical thinking skills that are coupled to a strong moral compass. Join us in making the Schreyer Honors College the strongest and most diverse honors community in the nation.

Educational Equity Diversity Statement
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A Message from the Associate Dean for Equity & Inclusion All Are Welcome

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Dr. Lynette Yarger Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the new web page for Equity and Inclusion at the Schreyer Honors College. As members of a scholarly community that is shaping people who will shape the world, we have a special obligation to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion. By working together, we can make remarkable progress in creating an equitable and welcoming climate in which everyone can thrive. And with strong support for one another, we can offer spaces for open dialogue that help us to better understand and respect our differences. Entertaining new ideas and diverse people will only make us strong as a College.

This page also provides insight into our efforts to cultivate a community of Scholars and staff that allows all individuals an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. Here you will be able to find news, information, and resources that will benefit students, staff, and our community. Your ideas, suggestions and feedback are exceptionally valuable as we move forward in achieving our strategic goals for equity and inclusion. Please feel free to reach me at lmk12@psu.edu.

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Schreyer Scholar Blake Greenspan

My favorite part of Schreyer is all the connections I've established and made. I've met so many awesome people. I feel like I fit in here.

Blake Greenspan ' 22 Premedicine, Political Science

A University Commitment Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Educational Equity Diversity Statement