Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Honors Housing

Ask a Schreyer Scholar what they had the most questions about before arriving on campus, and chances are their answer will be "honors housing."

Would people study all the time? Do you get to head out to other parts of campus? Will I make any friends?

Sound familiar? You can get answers to those questions and hear Scholars talk about their honors housing experience in the video on this page.

Schreyer Scholars also talk about the Honors College being a small community within the larger University, and honors housing is what anchors that community.

Atherton Hall and Simmons Hall are the residence halls on the University Park campus designated for honors housing.

Anyone who knows anything about real estate knows it's all about location. Honors housing isn't any different. When it comes to location, honors housing boasts the following:

  • Situated near classrooms and recreational facilities
  • Literally in the hub of campus life with the student union — the Hetzel Union Building (known as the HUB) — just steps away
  • Easy access to downtown State College (cross College Avenue, which runs in front of Atherton Hall, and you're there)

Some other facts about honors housing:

  • About 30 percent of the Penn State students who live in Atherton and Simmons are not Schreyer Scholars. They've chosen to live in honors housing for lots of reasons (the most popular being the location and the amenities).
  • Schreyer Scholars living in honors housing can room with someone who is not a Scholar. The key is for both roommates to select honors housing and indicate who they wish to room with at the time they sign up for on-campus housing.
  • Many of the programs sponsored by the Honors College that take place in Atherton or Simmons Halls are open to all residents. That includes SASH (Simmons-Atherton Social Hour) — themed events featuring free food and games that are held at least two times a semester.

One important note about honors housing: incoming freshman Scholars must select honors housing for their first year in order to be guaranteed space for subsequent years. The Honors College commits to providing honors housing to Schreyer Scholars for all four years of their undergraduate studies, if that's what the Scholar wants to do, but that commitment is only made when a Scholar chooses honors housing starting with their freshman year. Scholars must complete housing annual contract renewals, meeting all contract deadlines, to receive this housing benefit. If a Scholar chooses to leave honors housing at any time during their undergraduate experience, they sacrifice the housing guarantee.

Atherton Hall

Classic, elegant, and stately … the quintessential residence hall

Residence Hall Rooms: 292
Suites: 10

  • 9 Study Lounges
  • Grandfather Clock Lounge (doubles as a meeting venue — and how about that baby grand piano?)
  • Zombie Lounge (24-hour quiet study lounge)
  • Rec Room with Ping-Pong, pool, air hockey, foosball
  • TV Lounge
  • Laundry Room
  • 2 Soundproof Music Practice Rooms (1 with piano)
  • 24/7 Computer Lab with 29 stations and 2 printers
  • Schreyer Honors College administrative offices, including the Dean's Suite

Simmons Hall

Atherton's more relaxed, less formal alter ego

Residence Hall Rooms: 416

Includes 36 rooms in The GLOBE, a special living option whose residents are interested in global issues.

  • 2 Study Lounges
  • 2 TV Lounges
  • Piano Lounge
  • Rec Room with pool tables, foosball, Ping-Pong
  • Laundry Room
  • Music Practice Room

Scholar Assistants

In addition to resident assistants (RAs) who represent the Office of Residence Life on each floor, there are five Scholar Assistants (SAs) living in honors housing — two in Atherton, three in Simmons. The Scholar Assistants are upperclass Schreyer Scholars who coordinate programs held in the two buildings, share information on opportunities available to Scholars, and serve as liaisons between students and the SHC administration.

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