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Meet some of our Schreyer Scholars. Each has a unique story to tell about their Schreyer experience. What they share is a desire to make the most of their time at Penn State.

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Schreyer Scholar Raza Asghar

Raza Asghar Finance

You’ll often find me participating in case competitions – these are fast-paced competitions in which one works with a team in developing the best solution to a business case and presenting those ideas to a panel of professional judges. They are almost always based on real business issues that corporations have faced in the past. From cases about the luxury hotel industry in Dubai (where I’ve visited multiple times) to the railway industry in Denmark, they all act as glimpses into the global career that I hope to build over my lifetime.

My curiosity about different industries and countries’ cultures has driven me to participate in experiences that satisfy his desire to constantly learn something new. I find the Schreyer Honors College the perfect place for the intellectually curious business student to thrive. The small honors classes that revolve around discussion and debate as well as various programs like the Distinguished Honors Faculty Program have all helped me develop a unique perspective on the world and connect with people different from me.

My plan after graduation is to work for a management consulting firm that will provide me with the opportunity to travel the world and work for clients that are in a variety of sectors. For now, however, I hope to continue soaking in as much as I can as a student and interacting with peers from diverse paths of life.

Schreyer Scholar Allison Gaddis

Allison Gaddis Risk Management, Actuarial Science Option

I chose to study risk management because I really like math. Seeing how the financial modeling and statistical application of it fits into the real world is really interesting to me.

I went to India last summer as part of an honors psychology course. It was such an incredible experience and one I wouldn’t have had without the honors college. I do really feel that I built my global perspective and became more culturally aware through that immersion in such a different country and culture than what I’m used to.

I’m passionate about helping people. I’m a THON committee member and a peer mentor in the Penn State Undergraduate Speaking Center, and I’ve also been a Homecoming captain for the past two years. I did Nittanyville for the Ohio State game and the energy in the student section was even more than it usually is. The feeling throughout Beaver Stadium was incredible -- it was such a great feeling of unity.

I’ve lived in honors housing for my first two years. Living in the Schreyer community puts you in an environment with so many like-minded people who care about school as much as you do and want to be involved as much as you do. This was a great unifying factor and helped me find my fit quicker than I expected.

Schreyer Scholar Caitlin Kushnir

Caitlin Kushnir Education Policy Studies

For my entire life, college was always the goal; my family always emphasized the importance of education and receiving a degree, and supported me every step of the way. From financial sacrifice to putting dreams aside for my own, my parents ensured that I would be a college student, no matter the situation. Being a first-generation college student hasn’t always been easy; navigating the college application process, finding scholarships, and looking towards the future was a major struggle for my family, but it showed me the importance of education. I was lucky enough to have incredible educators encourage me, and I realized before stepping onto Penn State’s campus that improving the American education system should my life goal.

At Penn State, I have the incredible opportunity to combine my love of education with my interest and propensity for policy and logistics. I realized my freshman year that I didn’t want to be a teacher directly out of college; I jumped into the Education and Public Policy major at Penn State, which provides a unique outlet for undergraduates to find other ways to improve education outside of the classroom. Using the skills from EPP and the incredible mentors I have met over the past several years, I hope to improve the outlook for underprivileged students and allow each student to reach their potential. I’m extraordinarily lucky to be standing where I am today, and I hope that my efforts will allow people to have the same chance.

Schreyer Scholar Joash Lake

Joash Lake Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Being a part of the Schreyer Honors College not only put forth a platform to pursue excellent academic research, it has also created for me an environment at Penn State that has allowed me to adjust to attending such an enormous university while tailoring the academic requirements to suit my long-term academic and career goals.

While in the Honors College, I was encouraged to take many honors credit courses. Despite the great difficulty in taking these courses, I have also been able to garner a greater appreciation for the subject I intend to pursue professional degrees in. On top of the exposure offered in these courses, what I appreciate even more is the dramatic difference in the amount of one-on-one time I've been able to spend with my honors professors.

As a Schreyer Scholar, I have access to programs and guidance for academic research that the general student at Penn State doesn't have. In the Honors College, not only am I provided with an advisor to help me direct my research at University Park, I was also afforded the opportunity to participate in the MD-PhD Summer Exposure Program, an opportunity exclusively reserved for Schreyer students. Thus, being a part of the honors college not only surrounds me with excellent students and staff, but the college offers me more opportunities to better enhance my academic experience at Penn State.

Schreyer Scholar Apoorva Mathur

Apoorva Mathur Industrial Engineering

I recently had the opportunity to work at General Motors in Michigan as an intern in the manufacturing engineering department in their engineering headquarters. Over the 11 weeks I spent in Michigan, I learned a great deal about the manufacturing automotive industry and the role of an industrial engineer in such an environment. I was surprised by how much I loved the combination of plant and office work. It was very interesting to see how cars are put together and I enjoyed following the process from beginning to end. I loved my experience and was so happy I found a field in which I could see my future self.

This summer, I will be at Boeing, exploring the aerospace industry along with a different side of industrial engineering which is more focused on operations. Having the opportunity to complete several internships over my collegiate career has allowed me to understand what I am truly passionate about and where I see myself in the future. I know that without the valuable skills I have learned at Penn State, I would not have been able to have the same opportunities, which is a principal reason for why I chose to come here in the first place. I knew that in being at such a large school with a vast array of connections I would have a much better chance of securing my dream job and fabricating my future.

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