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India Program & Certificate

Jul 5

Leave for India

Aug 5

Return to United States

  • Time

    Spring course, five-week summer trip (July/August), fall capstone course with optional certificate

  • Location

    Delhi, Pune, Dahanu and Jaipur, India

  • Eligibility

    Scholars in all majors

  • Credits

    One honors credit

  • Application Deadline

    Registration same as registering for course

Program Summary

Even though India is the second most populous country in the world, most Americans know remarkably little about it. This integrated program begins with a three-credit spring course, PSYCH/S PSY 472H, “Human Development, Health, and Education From a Global Perspective.” (In 2013-2015 this course was PSYCH 497H.) The course focuses on India and includes classes about history, economics and religion. The five-week summer program has the following itinerary:

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Schreyer Scholars in all majors and semesters are eligible. You must be enrolled (not graduated) through at least the following fall semester to take the summer trip. Paterno Fellows aspirants in the College of the Liberal Arts may be eligible on a space-available basis. Participation in the course does not require taking the trip but we hope that all course participants will strongly consider the trip. If you take the trip, you must take the two-credit fall capstone course, which will be scheduled according to students’ availability.

Note: Taking the spring course does not guarantee selection for the trip, nor does it require you to take the trip, but we hope that you will.

PSYCH 472 (w/Honors Attribute), "Human Development, Health and Education from a Global Perspective," schedule number 26619, is co-taught by Professors Pamela Cole and Barbara Schaeffer, and will meet Wednesdays from 6:00 to 9:00 PM in 234 Theatre Building. The course will be cross-listed with S PSY 472 and the class enrollment will be split between the two sections.

Despite the 400-level numbering, this course is appropriate for all students and PSYCH 100 is not a necessary prerequisite. If you encounter difficulties signing up for the course, please contact Dr. Richard Stoller.

You can also qualify for the trip with another India-related course offered at University Park in spring 2017, HIST/ASIA 171, Introduction to South Asian History, or HIST 302.002, Ghandi and His Legacy in the World. If you are taking or have taken another course, either at University Park or another campus, that you think prepares you for the trip, please contact Dr. Richard Stoller.

Estimated Costs (Subject to Change)

  • Round-trip ticket between your preferred departure/return point and Dehli - typically $1100-1700 from Philadelphia and other east coast cities
  • Required one credit of summer tuition and fees - $600-800 at in-state rates
  • Estimated program fee covering lodging, in-country transportation, and most meals is $1750 (final amount to be determined in January)
  • Additional expected costs include an Indian visa ($60) and recommended medications

Application Deadline & Process

There is no application for the course—simply register as for any other course. Complete information about the trip will be distributed during the first month of class, along with the selection process if needed. Payment will be due around March 1 and you must have a US passport, valid through early 2017, in-hand by May 1. If you aren’t a US citizen, you should determine your eligibility for an Indian e-Tourist visa (eTV)

Honors Globalization Certificate

Students who take the full six-credit sequence (spring course, summer trip, fall capstone), plus six credits of India-related coursework, are eligible for the Honors Globalization Certificate-India transcript notation and printed certificate. For more information about eligible courses to complete the certificate, and about the verification process, please contact Dr. Richard Stoller.

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