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Distinguished Honors Faculty Program (DHFP)

DHFP discussion over tea

At the Schreyer Honors College we have an inspired program, The Distinguished Honors Faculty Program (DHFP), that at the heart is about sharing food and information. Select faculty together with Schreyer Scholars participate in innovative, interactive programs that extend learning beyond classroom walls.

Over dinner table conversations, during field trips, and in small-group discussions on timely topics, Distinguished Honors Faculty and students share experiences and perspectives that may venture beyond the labels and definition of an academic major or course.

Here is just a sample of the vibrant events lined up for this year:

An American Indian Facts Dinner
A sharing of information and food that explores stereotypes about American Indian culture. Another related event takes students to an American Indian Reservation (and there's good food, of course).
The Science and Ethics of Knowing Your Complete Genetic Information
Dinner and a film on the topic of genetics with follow-up discussion.
A Fireside Chat
A sit-down discussion regarding civic values in the United States and Sweden (with tasty sandwiches).
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
A chance to explore Beethoven's Ninth Symphony while enjoying dinner at the Nittany Lion Inn.
Hershey's Chocolates
A tour of Hershey's distribution center and dinner with business professionals.

This is a program deeply rooted in the belief that when you create small group learning experiences that are relaxed, well-conceived and special, students and faculty connect with each other in profound ways.

Faculty members submit proposals outlining programs to be offered should they be selected for the program. Typically, faculty are selected to participate in the program for two consecutive academic years.

The program was piloted in the 2010-11 academic year with a handful of inaugural faculty. For the 2014-15 year, 13 faculty have been named.

Announcements about upcoming Distinguished Honors Faculty Program activities will be e-mailed to Schreyer Scholars over the course of the academic year.

Faculty Members

Peter Aeschbacher headshot

Peter Aeschbacher Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture

Larry Catá Backer headshot

Larry Catá Backer Professor, Law and International Affairs

Rhonda Belue headshot

Rhonda Belue Associate Professor, Health Policy and Administration

Vincent Colapietro headshot

Vincent Colapietro Research Professor, Philosophy and African American Studies

Dennis Decoteau headshot

Dennis Decoteau Professor, Horticulture and Plant Ecosystem Health

Lori Francis headshot

Lori Francis Associate Professor, Biobehavioral Health

No picture available

William Kenyon Associate Professor, Theatre

Evangelos Manias headshot

Evangelos Manias Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Dana Mitra headshot

Dana Mitra Associate Professor, Educational Theory and Policy

Robert Novack headshot

Robert Novack Associate Professor, Supply Chain and Information Systems

Jon Nussbaum headshot

Jon Nussbaum Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences

John Sanchez headshot

John Sanchez Associate Professor, Journalism

Andrea Tapia headshot

Andrea Tapia Associate Professor, Information Sciences and Technology

Monique Yaari headshot

Monique Yaari Professor, French


For more information about the Distinguished Honors Faculty Program, please contact:

SHC Academic Team
(814) 865-4257

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