Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Stay Connected

Scholar connecting with alum

Whether you graduated as a University Scholar in 1987 or walked across the stage last year during the Schreyer Honors College's Medals Ceremony, you know the Scholar experience.

You learned it.

And you lived it.

Studying in the silence of the Zombie Lounge.

Lifelong friends you met on your hall. Frisbee in the courtyard. Late night runs to McLanahan's.

Having a faculty member go from teacher to mentor to friend.

Hitting the thesis gong.

Moving in. Moving on.

The place changes. Simmons no longer has a dining hall. The bathrooms in Atherton are being remodeled. The courtyard has been renovated. Honors requirements continue to evolve.

But plenty of things stay the same. The integrity of being a Scholar. The pursuit of what one is passionate about. The determination to succeed. Pride in Penn State.

Staying connected with Schreyer Honors College reminds you of where you've come from, who and what helped you get where you are, and where you plan to go.

Your Scholar experience didn't end when you received your medal. You have continued to live it each day.

Connect with the college. Connect with fellow alumni. Connect with current Scholars.

That's life with honors.

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