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For Scholars of a certain age (you know who you are), there was the Update, a monthly newsletter printed and distributed throughout the SHC's first 10 years. (Printed? Sounds downright archaic, doesn't it?)

Then came the weekly SHC listserv, a mammoth e-mail (E-mail! We know!) announcing everything from new courses and research opportunities to lectures and the annual Date Auction.

The format here may be different but the idea is still the same: to keep you informed about news and events in the SHC.

Here you will find:

Plan to attend one of our events. Read up on what's happening in Schreyer. See the impact private support is making in the college.

Have a story idea about alumni achieving professional success? Tell us about it.

Want to suggest an event to bring together Scholar alumni? Let us know.

Plus, you can always check our Facebook page and Twitter account for news and headlines that reflect the college right here, right now.

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