Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Social & Civic Engagement

A quick read of the SHC's mission statement should give you a pretty good idea that the College places as much of an emphasis on what happens outside of the classroom as to what happens in it.

In between classes with leading researchers and faculty, labs, and study groups, you can carve out time to find out what you can get excited about, where you can make a difference, who you can help.

When we talk about "shaping people who shape the world," we're talking about you. Here is where you will meet the people, take on the responsibilties, make the connections, and develop the skills to change the world.

And this goes far beyond the SHC. All across Penn State, you will find students involved in groups that will make the world a better place.

So, dig in. Dig deep. And start shaping this corner of the world.

College-Sponsored Programs


Students dancing at THON 2014

Simmons-Atherton Social Hour

Scholars playing Mario Kart at a SASH event

Residence Hall Concerts

String quartet playing in Atherton Hall

SHC Day of Service

Scholars sorting books during Day of Service

StuCo-Sponsored Programs

In addition to college-sponsored programs, StuCo — the Schreyer Honors College Student Council — plans events throughout the year for the Scholar community. Events include:

Scheduling Extravaganza
A fun event where Scholars share tips in the hours leading up to when priority scheduling opens for the upcoming semester.
Fall Date Auction
A fundraiser with proceeds benefitting breast cancer research.
Events staged to showcase Scholars' musical talents.
Relay for Life
The 24-hour American Cancer Society fundraiser that happens on the Penn State campus each spring.
Held in both fall and spring, these events feature music, food, and dancing. Need we say more?

Penn State Clubs & Activities

There are nearly 1,000 student organizations at Penn State, and if something that you're interested in doesn't exist, you can create it.

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