Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Leadership Opportunities

Enhance your honors experience by taking advantage of the engagement and leadership opportunities outlined below:

SHC Student Council (StuCo)
One of the most active student councils on campus. It provides a wide variety of leadership opportunities to Scholars through academic, service, and social activities.
Scholar Assistants (SA)
Upperclass Scholars who live in honors housing to establish and build community among Schreyer Scholars.
Schreyer Honors Orientation (SHO TIME) for First-Year Students
Three-day orientation offered every August to incoming first-year Scholars. Approximately 100 upperclass Scholars serve as orientation leaders to help new Scholars transition to life at Penn State.
Schreyer Orientation for Second and Third-Year Students
An orientation program offered each year to new Schreyer Scholars admitted through the current Penn State student application process. Returning Scholars can volunteer to serve as mentors to help the Scholars learn about the Honors College and all of the opportunities that await them.
Scholar Ambassadors
A team of 42 Scholars who serve as ambassadors for the Honors College. They represent the Honors College at special events for alumni and donors, provide tours of campus and honors housing, meet with visiting families, and share their experiences as Schreyer Scholars.

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