Schreyer Honors College (SHC)at Penn State

Admission Checklist

Use this at-a-glance checklist to keep your SHC application on track.


Visit Penn State & the Schreyer Honors College
There is no better way to see if a college is right for you then by setting foot on campus and getting a feel for the place. Not able to visit in the summer? Don't worry — Penn State has visitations year-round!
Begin working on your SHC essays
The essay questions are posted in mid-July to give you plenty of time to craft well-written, comprehensive responses by our application deadlines.
Create a MyPennState Account
Create a MyPennState account, and cruise around the Penn State University undergraduate application website. Learn about application requirements, academics, student life, and costs. Plus, you can chat with a current Penn State student.


Apply to Penn State
The application opens September 1st.
Access the Schreyer Honors College Application

Through your MyPennState account dashboard, click the link to the "Schreyer Honors College Application," which also goes live September 1st. This is the only way to access the SHC application. The Schreyer application consists of three main sections:

Note: We will already have access to your high school transcript and will evaluate it for academic rigor and evidence of motivation and self-discipline. Neither standardized test scores, which are required for your Penn State application, nor your GPA, which is included on your transcript, are part of the application review because neither are accurate predictors of a student's success in the SHC.

Attend Scholars Day
This annual fall open house gives you a comprehensive look at what Penn State and the Schreyer Honors College have to offer.


Priority Application Submission Deadline

The priority application submission deadline for both Penn State and the Schreyer Honors College is November 30th. Since you have been working on your applications since July, this should be no problem!

Note: All the materials for the Schreyer Honors College application must be submitted online. If you wish to submit application materials that are audio or visual representations of your work, publish them online and include a link to it in the appropriate section of the application. No offline material will be accepted or reviewed.


Track Your Progress
Keep track of the progress on completing your Schreyer application. Gently prod your teachers if they haven't submitted their recommendations. Remember that this is a very busy time of year for them as well, so be nice.
Admissions Interview Signup
If you submitted your application by November 30th, you will receive an e-mail invitation to sign-up for an admissions interview. Interviews are optional and will be conducted by Honors Alumni in your local area.


Final Application Submission Deadline
If you weren't able to finish the application by the priority deadline in November, our final submission deadline is January 16th.
Teacher Recommendations
All teacher recommendations must be submitted online through the designated web link by January 23rd.
Admissions Interviews
If you are taking advantage of the optional interview, interviews should be completed by the end of January.


Admissions Decision
Look for your Schreyer Honors College admission decision online in early- to mid-March. We'll notify you in advance by e-mail of the day and time our admissions decisions go live. Good luck!
Accepted Student Receptions
If you have been accepted to the Schreyer Honors College, consider attending one of our many Accepted Student Receptions held in March and April. Information regarding these events will be posted online.


Offer Acceptance and Housing Selection Deadlines
The deadline for accepting a Penn State and Schreyer Honors College offer is May 1st. Incoming Scholars also need to select their on-campus housing option by May 1st.
New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation consists of online placement testing as well as an overnight visit to campus in late-May. Detailed information is sent to you after you pay your acceptance fees.

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